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Twin Flames…

Many of you may be feeling a longing to go home during this time.  This entire time your soul has been on such a journey.  I’ve only now realized the depth of separation that we came to experience.  Many of you have been away from your Twin Flame, or your Divine Counterpart.  A lot of the Planet is actually experiencing a Twin Flame Separation.  This can be hard if you have not met them yet in this lifetime.  Everyone is at different levels with this.  Some of you have met this person in this lifetime and may be either with them in Union, or for some back in that Separation.  For those that have not met them in the physical, your soul may be searching for something.  For some this is very unconscious.  A never quite being happy, feeling something is missing, or feeling alone.  In the higher realms you and your Twin Flame are always together.  There higher self is always there guiding you, along with yours.  That separation only exists here on Earth.  The goal is to do enough inner work to reunite here in the physical.  You have done this so many times with this one person.  Somewhere in the background you may sense or know this is what you want past everything.  Your soul will feel a deep desire for this love.  A deep pull for it.  A longing that has had you looking for it your whole life.  That’s because you have known it so many times before.  You were looking for them in each partner you ever had.  Anyone not your flame though will eventually become karmic falling away naturally.  That’s because your unique signature was only made for this One.  Anyone else is simply a catalyst.  There are things only the two of you can feel, or do together.  There are certain things only they can activate.  It may feel like suddenly your soul is trying to pull you somewhere.  You may physically have to move, or may be guided to move to another city.  That’s why it’s so important that your following your guidance.  It’s trying to lead you home on every level.  Sometimes your just sensing or knowing your supposed to be somewhere, or in a certain place at a certain time.  There is nothing more important then this connection.  Nothing past this connection will remain when you leave Earth.  Everything else fades away.  The same goes for here.  Your soul knows this is the only thing real in a world of illusion.  This is a connection that you forget every time, so you may have difficulty recognizing this other soul.  You have to feel the frequency.  When your together it will feel like it’s just the two of you in your own world.  You’ll feel this person around you all of the time on a higher level.  You will most likely feel them in Spirit long before you lay eyes on them in the physical.  You are always connecting in your dreams.  Twin Flames tend to be seeing the same signs.  That means you may be seeing the same synchronicity at the same time.  The Universe is always trying to bring you back together.  No matter how far either of you wander your always connected through forces of fate.  Time, space, distance, and even death can not keep you apart.  Certain souls are destined for each other.

On Today’s Energies…

Our New Moon in Taurus is going to be a Black Moon.  This is a rare double header, as it’s the second New Moon in one month.  It’s also a Partial Solar Eclipse that’s taking us into our Spring Eclipse Season.  All of this is also happening on May Eve.  Sunday is Beltane.  On May Eve the Earth Energies, and the the Kundalini Energy of the entire planet reaches a peak.  You may be feeling extra merge vibes or soul pulls right now.  This energy is all about reincarnated love.  You have been part of a love story with your Twin Flame since your soul was created.  Eclipses activate our destiny.  Pay attention if your finding your way back to yours during this time.  The Universe may be trying to bring you together with another.  Eclipses are known to bring sudden or unexpected plot twists.  If you feel, or sense, that you have been brought together by a higher power pay attention to these sensations.  The veil is thin.  You will be seeing or feeling more come through.  Taurus activates all of our senses.  This Eclipse will be bringing synchronicities, but more important things that are fated to be.  Prepare for shifts in destiny.  That means some are going through a crumbling.  Know anything falling apart, was never truly meant to be.  That’s why it’s so important that your listening to your inner guidance.  Your going to be extra tuned in right now.  Beltane takes us into other worlds.  The world of the Fae.  May is also bringing the Pleiadian Energies.  Things will begin to peak energetically as we get closer to the May Pleiadian Alignment.  You may be doing some major healing work this last week of April.  These energies are turning a light on your shadows.

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Tips For Conscious Parenting…

We are living in the middle of a huge shift in consciousness.  Certain souls volunteered to come to this Planet to assist with this transformation.  Some of those souls may be the children around you.  We have a lot of indigo and rainbow souls here to help.  It’s been a misconsumption that the parent is the older soul.  It’s usually the child that is the teacher.  Some of the children here are very intuitive and very energy sensitive.  Just as we are feeling these energy shifts, they are to.  Here are some tips for anyone who is conscious parenting that I have found help.

-Crystals.  Give them crystals to play with.  Teach them how to make grids.  Teach them about different crystals and teach them how to heal with them.  Give them some to walk around with.

-Keep them hydrated.  We are finding out we need a ton of water doing this ascension.  Make sure they always have lots to drink, preferably some type of bottled or filtered water.  The more water we drink the higher frequencies we can vibrate on.  Dehydration affects our frequencies and moods.

-Limit watching television.  Television is a programming tool.  The things we watch and see become our reality.  Children who watch more television can become more fearful.

-Electronics, cut down on them.  Avoid video games, don’t allow them to be on a device all the time, and avoid microwaving your food.  These children are very frequency sensitive.

-With foods pay attention to what they like and don’t like.  I tell people if your child doesn’t like a certain food don’t make them eat it.  They are tuned into their bodies and everyone is different.  Do not feed them GMO foods.  Try to avoid giving them meat or milk.  These children are very sensitive to the energies of their food.  I recommend a vegetarian diet with lots of fruits.

-If your child takes baths put some salt in it.  Anykind if salt will help clean their aura.  You can add essential oils which are amazing for healing.  I recommend adding a few drops of palo santo oil which is amazing for purifying.  Give them a salt bath daily if you can.

-Try to get them on a good bedtime routine.  This will help them get more sleep.  Sleep is so important for these children.  They are often very busy in the astral.  Not getting enough sleep will affect their moods.  Put some quartz or selenite near or around their bed.  This will keep them safe and protected, and will keep nightmares away.  I like the selenite the best because you don’t have to charge it.

-Show then things that will trigger their memory.  Many of these souls had incarnations in places like Egypt, Atlantis, and Lemuria.  Involve them in the spiritual, that’s what they came here for.  A lot of parents put these children in the material or matrix world not cultivating the spiritual.

-Have Fun! A lot of these children are some type of generator energy type.  If you keep them excited they will help you lift up your frequency.  So stay excited around them!

-Sage your house.  These children are very sensitive to different energies.  I recommend keeping your windows open more if you can and to clear the energy in your house often.  Things like palo santo, or incense are awesome for that! I recommend saging daily!

-Get then outside.  These children need lots of nature.  This will help them connect to Gaia and will keep them grounded! Nature is the best aura detox!

-Teach then how to meditate and other spiritual practices.  Children love learning new things, take them to a yoga class.  Teach them about prayer and gratitude.  Also let them teach you.

-These children are very empathic and most likely are taking on lots of other people’s energies and feelings.  Explain to them that they may absorb other people’s feelings being around them so they can better understand how energy affects them.  Teach them how to heal.  Get them into energy healing.

-Be consciously aware of how you speak to them.  These children are your teachers and are sensitive to your vibrations and words.  They learn by watching you.  So be mindful of your self.  Be a good role model.

-Slow down with them.  They need a lot of time to recharge.  Give them lots of time to play and make sure they are getting some alone time to recharge.  Make sure your also making time to recharge yourself and your child’s energy.  Make sure your house is peaceful.

-Avoid doctors.  Try to limit it avoid any vaccines.  Vaccines are full of metals.  A lot of these children are being labelled as autistic or adhd.  Do not medicate them.  Medications will cut them off from their higher selves.

-Love.  Give them lots of love!  They came here to heal a broken collective.  More cuddles.  Love is the ultimate experience and the more love you give them the more you heal karmically.

-They came with many spiritual abilities.  These children are very psychic and empathic.  Be open to any abilities they have.  Find creative things for them to do.  They need lots of new experiences.

-Let then be themselves.  Part of this experience is finding our individuality.  A lot of this journey is us finding ourselves, so if you let them express themselves you can speed that process up.  Let them be into what they like.