Twin Flames

twin flame lovers
Everyone was made in two pairs, yes, you have a twin flame. This is someone that shares a soul with you. It is rare for twin flames to incarnate together. Usually your twin flame stays in the other realm to help balance your energy. When you do incarnate together it is to complete a mission, think like Jesus and Mary mission. To tell our story I have to go back to Mike.

Mike and I met in Orlando, FL. We were both on drugs and a mess. I had an instant connection when I saw his eyes. I met him in an unlikely place at his apartment, a friend of mine was also his friend. He took me away to Pennsylvania, we got sober, spent many years together. But things didn’t work out. I must have known unconsciously that even though Mike was my soulmate, I had a twin flame here and I had to find him. As we had once magnetized together we repelled each other. I went back on drugs and fell like Atlantis.

I met my twin flame in a similar scenario, at a friends getting a haircut. Sparks and I had an instant connection, but we had a lot to sort our in order to be together. I smoked and was on medications and wasn’t very healthy. Neither of us knew that we were healers until we met. Twin flame relationships are not easy, but they evolve you spiritually at a high rate. Soulmate’s are easier, I had to have that soulmate relationship to evolve my heart chakra enough to handle my twin flame. It is a very intense relationship. Your energetic health is everything to one another. Today we just moved into a house together and we are working on fulfilling out last contract on earth, marrying, and having two children. Sometimes we forget but I assure you that you picked everything you have ever been through. Mike and I are still good friends. We are on a mission too, his mission was to fall in love with me, so he could lead me to my flame, and he is doing our website for us.. I hope you enjoy it..

twin flame lovers embrace


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