On The Energies…

The solar flares are quieting down, for today at least.  Thursday and Friday our Moon aligns with the Pleiades and Sunday is that Gemini New Moon.  Amazing energies for getting excited about the path ahead.  Even though the solars are quite low, right now we are receiving a huge influx of Galactic Energies.  The Solstice is exactly a week away.  During this time we are receiving a huge influx of energies from our Central Sun.  These energies are great for working on your relationships.  All relationships coming up as being so important right now.  Each person you learned with on your path was a planned encounter.  It’s so important that you are tapping into your soul plan during this time.  You have a predetermined life plan that was laid out long before you were born.  We are clearing the karmic dramas that you have played a role in within many groups of souls.  Gemini is sign of the Twins.  It represents the Twin Soul.  You have contracted to come together with this person in this lifetime so long ago.  Twin Flames reincarnate together to help raise the frequencies of Earth and to bring that love back together.  They have powerful gifts together.  All Twin Flames are past life lovers and as the frequencies rise more and more of them will come together.  The purpose of past lives is that we learn with the same souls as a way to heal past wounds.  You have learned with the same people across many lifetimes.  Not everyone is meant to be a romantic partner.  In fact your Twin Flame was always meant to be the only one.  This is someone that guides you from the other side, when not with you.  This is a connection that is infinite and eternal.  Mapped out again and again so that you find each other.

art: @glitterilicious

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