On The Energies…

The next ten days are all about the Solstice.  We are receiving a huge influx of high frequency energies right now.  June 15th and June 16th we have a conjunction between the Pleiades and our Moon.  Expect major Pleiadian vibes on this day and some major activations!  Lots of Galactic Energies we should be tapping into.  The Summer is the 21st.  It’s also the longest day of the year.  The Summer Solstice is where the Sun reaches the highest and northernmost points in the sky.  It is the start of Summer and a time to honor and celebrate the masculine, or the sky god.  Expect major lightbody activations from these energies.  You may even be experiencing ascension symptoms, which can look like flu like symptoms, or even purging from these energies.  Because we have also shifted into a Retrograde Season we are cleansing and healing a lot of past, and past life traumas.  There is a deep healing continuing to take place.  The Solstice brings us a rare Venus, Mars, and Moon Grouping.  They won’t appear this close again until 2028.  Expect major activations then for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  The Solstice is a time for the Ascension Upgrades.  The Pleiades will also be rising with the Solatice Sun.  The Solstice is a powerful time for Soulmate and Twin Flame Union.  We also shift into Cancer Season the 21st.  Amazing for shifting back into your roots.  Cancer is an intuitive sign and can help us better connect with our emotions.  This is the only sign that is ruled by the Moon.

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