The Third Wave

You are here to learn service.  This is not a way to lose yourself, it’s the path to finding yourself.  We will use our assignments to release anyone still serving these systems.  The one thing all these systems have in common is they stay operational through fear.  It is through your fear that they keep you in place.  We have lightworkers spread all across the consciousness grid.  A large assembly about to create a massive change.  As you are connecting to states of higher consciousness your creating a ripple effect felt by all of humanity.  We sent our best for this mission.  Healers of all kinds, just awakening now.  We are anchoring light into these dark places.  We will ultimately flood so much light into these places that it will create a system overload.  Humanity is getting ready for a system reboot of monumental proportions.  We sent our best system busters in that third wave.  Children in your care now.  A specialised set of indigos sent to assist you in all of this.  These children are the hope of your futures, lives you will help shape in the Now.  Be open, for they came with better ways.  These children want to assist you with your missions.  They came to teach you, they are much older souls.  They require protection on all levels.  They are seen as the biggest threat to this way of life as we know it.  Your journey to get here was hard.  Due to the world you were sent into, you could not carry everything you would need with you.  We have hidden the rest of what you need within these children.  Special coding to help you complete these final phases.  Yes we are in the final phases of this Planetary Ascension! Your focus should just be on healing at this time! Anything else will soon become irrelevant! 


Rainbows are mirrors that reflect others back on themselves. While they may reflect there is an absorption that occurs. When a pigment absorbs a photon of light, it becomes excited. This means it has extra energy making it no longer normal. On a subatomic level it goes through excitation. This is when an electron is bumped into a higher energy orbit. This doesn’t always just occur. It takes a photon with just the right amount of energy to bump an electron, in between orbitals in a way that can excite a pigment. When a pigment becomes excited it becomes unstable. To stabilize it may transfer this extra energy. As above so below.

Signs Of Entity Attachment

Signs Of Entity Attachment

Negative Entities Attaching To Your Teenager

I would like to discuss teenagers, self-harm, and signs of entity attachment. Suicide, self-harm, uncontrollable rage or grief are hard subjects to discuss, let alone heal.

It is still taboo to suggest that mental health issues could be causing self-harm, depression, rage and suicide. These causes can be caused by unseen and unfelt forces.

Spirit entity attacks are not going to make mainstream news, but then again nothing important does. Many people believe that these are only dealt with in black magic or the occult. I assure you that it’s more common then you might think. One cause of negative entity attachment is from holes in your aura, one cause hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD. This can give people the illusion of opening your channel, but in this example it isn’t done right. The fact is, however, that there are thousands of occultists out there summoning entities and deities for their own selfish benefit, and there always has been people doing this. Sometimes these doorways are left open. That is why I recommend white light to everyone.
Do you have a deeply depressed, anxious, teenager? He or she may feel or have a dark look. If you have issues connecting with them, or they arnt motivated to do anything other then lie around. Maybe they don’t have the energy to go out and get a job, but they will go out all night. They rarely smile, they can be angry or hostile for no reason. As a parent it’s easy to dismiss their behavior as just their age. Trust me it is easy for people to get negative entities attached to them or their aura.

What your teen is manifesting may have nothing to do with the normal teenage drama, it could be dangerous, even life threatening. If they are harboring a negative entity either inside of them or in their aura you will know, follow your intuition. This can be difficult dealing with this in your own family.
Your intuition will just know there is something wrong with this person. It will just not feel right.
Your guts may be screaming at you to pay attention to this person you no longer recognise. While at pains not to interfere with him and what he’s up to, through fear of feeling like a helicopter parent, the concern doesn’t leave you. He does not feel right. My boyfriend and I have Someone in our family that has a negative entity inside of them. She feeds on negativity, and emotions such as fear and anxiety. This person can be downright abusive to get it. Another red flag is she doesn’t want help, and just wants to be left alone. This is what the spirit attachment wants, to get the person alone. If you leave them alone the negative entity wins.

A lot of you have discovered you have children that are cutters, because you will discover it inadvertently, they won’t tell you. They self-harm by slicing their skin, smacking their heads, burning, biting, and other harmful activities. This will make you as their parent or caregiver feel shock and guilt, these are the negative emotions it will feed off of. Any attempt to be loving or supportive we not work, remember we have to respect their choices and honor their free will. A lot of mental health providers cause medication, which can suicide attempts or even suicide.
Let’s be clear;  you are really not alone. This is not your teenager or his friends. It’s dark energy, whether that’s psychological, physical, mental or spiritual.

“One in twelve children and young people are said to self-harm and over the last ten years inpatient admissions for young people who self-harm have increased by 68%. In the last year alone these hospital admissions for under 25s increased by 10%. And, among females under 25, there has been a 77% increase in the last ten years” say the Cello Group.

These are huge numbers. Care-givers would be wise to consider the possibility, even if it’s remote, which it isn’t, that you have an uninvited guest attached to your teenager, one so malevolent it would kill her if it wanted to.

Entity attachment. It sounds dramatic. But then suicide is and so is self-harm, and they’re on the increase.
Your health professional will know nothing of entity attachments, curses or implants.

Signs of entity attachment, curses, or implants:

  • A person starts to go cold, feel the cold, become detached and distant
    -A complete change in behaviour, particularly emotional change, which might include hot rage
    -Uncontrollable anger over tiny issues; inexplicable reasons for such violent outbursts
    -No desire to socialise or see people; no desire to go out at all
    -Doing things regularly which aren’t good for them – say, developing addictions, eating unhealthily or deliberately placing themselves in danger
    -Shrinking away from certain areas or locations
    -Little communication with family members
    -Sullen, withdrawn, secretive behavior
    -Weight loss or weight gain
    -Whispers in their ears, thoughts which are not theirs
    -Slovenly behaviour as if they do not have the energy to clean up after them
    -No motivation, no desire to move on, no zest for life
    -Mostly, other people stay away or those fascinated with any kind of occult practice, symbols, music or lifestyle will be drawn to the house or the person under attack
    -A person will not know they need help because the entity is constantly telling them they are alright and there is no problem at all.

Signs Of Entity Attachment

3 Waves

I would like to talk about the three waves of volunteers. The first wave is generally of the “baby boomer” generation. These people do not want to be here, they long for home, yet don’t know where that is. Many of the first wave have attempted at suicide. This first wave is now starting to die off.
I am part of the second wave. The second wave can range in age, usually between 30-40 though. The second wave doesn’t have or want children most of the time. This wave is pacing the way for the third wave. They have a hard job of fighting these corrupt systems that are not serving us.

The third wave are the children, the crystal children. These kids are babies to 5 years old right now. They are being born with all of their DNA already activated and all their chromosomes turned on. These children are here to build the new world, they are the hope of the future. They telepathy, and a lot of these children are being put on medication. I advise anyone to keep their children away from medication, especially ADHD medication. These medications are detrimental to these children.