Live Global Meditation Today!

We are doing a live global meditation today at 3pm UK time.  If your unable to join at that time, the transmission will be available on replay.  You have to sign up to join, once you do you will be sent a link to the Facebook group we using to live stream from. We are in a powerful energy to use today.  We are going to be connecting and working with our higher self.  We will be using crystalline rainbow energies that will bring about a powerful shift.  This is a deep healing and activation.  This Gateway we are able to tap into miracles, better alignment, higher timelines, our star family, and higher states of consciousness.  This meditation will not just heal you, but it assists in healing the collective.  Here is the link to join us..

Pregnancy Detox List..

When your pregnant your food and drinks are passed on to the baby.  So while pregnant your baby will be very sensitive to what your eating and drinking.  You can’t take a lot of the detox herbs we use.  Here is a good detox list for anyone trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding.  Herbs like ashwagandha, reishi mushrooms, and turmeric can cause miscarriages.  Try to get vegan organic vitamins if you can.  

Chlorella- Chlorella- Do the 1000mg (take in the morning it can keep you up at night).  Chlorella is a type of algae thats full of nutrients.  It’s a good source of several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  It will remove any toxins or metals.  It will help decalcify and clear out your third eye.  It helps with your immune system and can repair damaged DNA.  This is really good for pregnant woman.  It’s a superfood loaded with tons of vitamins.  It will help flush any toxins out.  

Vitamin B Complex- (Take in the morning).  Vitamin B complex increases your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. Vitamin B complex helps prevent viruses and infections.  It also helps with the health of your cells, since ascension is to activate these cells, it’s important.  Vitamin B complex is important during pregnancy.  This helps minimise the risk of birth defects as well as relieve some symptoms of pregnancy.  

Vitamin B12- (Take in the morning).  Vitamin B12 helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA.  This helps minimise the risk of birth defects as well as relieve some symptoms of pregnancy.  

Ginger- Helps with your immune system.  It neutralises free radicals, it breaks down toxins in your organs.  It helps with inflammation and heals your stomach.  It’s really good for your sacral chakra.  Ginger is good for nausea and calmest stomach issues.  You can drink ginger tea too.  

Zinc- 50mg daily.  (Take with food or it will upset your stomach).  Regulates your immune system.  Will heal any kind of cold of flu, but prevents it too.  It helps your brain with memory and learning.  Zinc may reduce the incidence or the severity of maternal infections that, in turn, lower the risk of preterm birth. 

Melatonin-3mg and lower a night when you go to sleep.  It’s an antioxidant, it will help with your immune system.  It’s so good for your third eye.  It helps regulate your third eye and your serotonin levels.  It helps slow down the aging process it’s also a stress reliever.  Melatonin is made in your body naturally so it’s safe to take while pregnant.  

Maca- (If your a woman you need Red, Men need Black).  It increases energy levels, vitality and endurance.  It reduces anxiety and stress.  It helps with healthy brain function and balancing healthy hormone levels.  It’s really good for your sacral chakra.   The prenatal vitamins present in it are important for expectant mothers.  It’s high in vitamins.  

Vitamin D3 (Try to get one with K2, the whole planet is Vitamin D deficient and it only works best if taken with the K2).  Vitamin D3 maintains healthy levels of calcium in the blood and increases calcium absorption from the digestive tract.  Vitamin k2 keeps calcium in bones and out of soft tissues like the heart, joints, and kidneys.  Prenatal vitamins do not contain a high enough dose of this, so you should take this separate.  

Apple Cider Vinegar- Take the minimum dose.  It kills harmful Bacteria.  Full of probiotics.  Will heal your heart chakra.  It’s good for pregnancy symptoms.  

Chamomile-You can take it as a tea, or add oils to your bath.  Some other good oils for pregnancy are lavender, ylang-ylang, ginger, chamomile, frankincense.

Some kind of multivitamin gummy -Go for an organic vegan kind 

Embodying Oneness With All..

45 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving alone per year.  6 billion pounds of turkey meat is consumed yearly.  This meat is usually infected with diseases and parasites.  Let’s not forget most of these turkeys are GMO turkeys that have had tons of vaccines.  As the world comes back to compassion and empathy this must include all life.  You can’t come back to spiritual Oneness and support the killing of any life forms.  If people were to stop buying toxic products then they would stop producing them.  Yes, meat is toxic.  This is a war on your frequency and that’s the fastest way to lower it.  It’s also the easiest way to get your free will consent.  One of the main concerns I see is they don’t actually tell you what’s in your food, by law they don’t have to.  The fastest way to spread diseases and infections is through our food.  Here are some reasons you should ditch the turkey:

-In any meat situation the baby is immediately taken from its mother.  When you eat that energy you absorb that separation programming.  Any pain that animal felt becomes your own energy.  Your eating pure fear frequencies.  

-Their deaths are incredibly painful and traumatic.  When we eat that energy that trauma merges with our own imprints and can activate our genetic receptors for any PTSD found within our bloodlines.

-Free range is a living hell.  Any animal conditions are.  When your buying organic your getting the same food too.  These production areas are destroying the Planet with chemicals and are a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases.  There is no humane way to kill animals.   

-Over a million turkeys die per year in production, that tells you everything you need to know about these conditions.  

-Over a million turkeys a year are boiled alive.  Anything that animal felt will become your energy after eating it.  

-Tryptophan and other hormones actually affect your serotonin levels.  Serotonin regulates your third eye.  So eating meat affects your third eye and your hormones that regulate your moods and your sleep.  

-Eating meat affects your frequency.  You will not be able to access 5D.  You need unconditional love and compassion for all life, not just select groups.  

-Saying no to vaccines, it’s ok they are vaccinating your food.  These vaccines alter your DNA, triggering illness, disease, and rapid aging.  

-GMO meat changes our DNA, and 90% of it is GMO meat.  

-You can look at Thanxgiving as a ritualistic blood sacrifice with all of the animals killed for it.  Please stop to access these holidays and what they stand for.  People are celebrating genocide of many Native cultures.