We Are Entering A Rare Super Moon Season…

We are entering a new Gateway from February 9th to May 7th.  We are entering a rare Super Moon in season.  We will have 4 Super Moons in a row.  There is a cleansing that must occur before the Next Eclipse Season.  These Moons will help us do it.  The energy has been very intense and has been affecting people in different ways.  The energy is shifting and changing on this Planet.  It will be felt more and more.  We will begin this sequence with this weekends Full Moon in Leo.  Be prepared to be in the spotlight.  Your life and lessons are coming up for review.  Are you living in full alignment with who your meant to be? We can expect some intense energetic shifts this year.  The Moon holds a lot of power and we see an increase in both Lunar and Solar energies affecting us as we make this transition.  The Moon has the ability to heal us by removing any negative energies.  This shift is putting a focus on what we still need to work on.  These energies are a good indicator of what we need to work on healing.  Pay attention to your lessons and what us coming up for you right now.  We can expect some intense energies this year, we are past a point of being eased into this.  This Super Moon season is sure to bring with it lots of exciting plot twists and miracles.  It’s a great time to be manifesting and healing deep issues.

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