On The Energies…

The Ley Lines are about to get very active, if they aren’t already.  The energy coming in is not just affecting us it’s affecting the structures of the Earth.  It may not always feel amazing to go through this process, but it’s always been for our highest good.  These energies are creating so many positive changes.  It’s very important that people are looking at the big picture as this ascension continues to unfold.  We can expect a storm and entering another one right after that.  The space weather may be intense in some areas, but these are divine energies.  Sunday’s 2/2 Portal will be preparing us for the energy of next weeks Full Moon in Leo.  That will be a Storm Moon that will take us into Mercury Retrograde.  This Retrograde will be interesting, a lot is unfolding behind the scenes.  We can expect to see this awakening to affect everything happening politically during this Retrograde.  Saturn’s and Pluto’s merger will be felt over the next 12 months.  This will play out in a serious of tower moments felt collectively.  It’s important that we understand this is a divine plan and we can only lose anything no longer serving us.  Anything that goes will be replaced by something much more for the higher good.  See how your handling these energies.  That will let you know how much work you have left to do.  It will take some further adjustments as we continue to adjust to more and more of these energies.  Use this time to find your shine.  I mean really find your shine.  We came to bring the light.  It’s very important that your fully supporting yourself as we continue to go through this transition.

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