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On The Energies…

We are still in a lot of high frequency energies.  Tonight is the peak of the Alpha Centaurid Meteor Shower.  This week will be extra magical.  These Cosmic Energies are powerful.  It’s a great time to tap into your own inner magic.  Earth is passing through a cloud of Cosmic debris.  As it does, these chunks of rock and ice are going to catch fire, emitting light.  Once again it’s raining down stars.  Expect all kind of lights sparkling in the sky this week.  This meteor shower will continue to be active til February 21st.  We are going to continue to feel it’s frequency until then too.  Today the Sun also forms a conjunction with Mercury Retrograde.  This means we are really feeling these retrograde energies.  Mercury Retrograde can bring the usual confusion, technical glitches, and communication misunderstandings.  This year it’s actually here to assist us in releasing any old stories from the past.  We have Shifted into the New Earth and we are being reminded that we create what we are focusing on.  While your past may be calling, you can chose not to answer to it.  What is important is who you are now, in this moment, in this story.  Your next chapter awaits, and this one you will be writing.  This weeks Aquarius New Moon is going to bring a New Energy and a New Beginning.  Expect some beautiful auroras with this New Moon too.  Your being reminded to look to the stars this week if you need answers, or feel lost.

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On The Energies…

We continue moving through the energies of this Capricorn New Moon.  This is the first New Moon of the year.  The ascension waves have really been coming in and many people are feeling them.  More and more people are opening up to there spiritual abilities and are becoming more and more sensitive to the energies.  There are so many Healers, Light Workers, Empaths, Grid Workers, and Starseeds on the Planet during this time.  These are Divine energies that are being sent to heal the Planet.  As these energies and Light Codes are activating you, you are going to see more and more of the spiritual in your reality.  We are stepping into a new beginning.  It’s the beginning of the New Earth.  Many people may be feeling sad without knowing quite why during this time.  We have been grieving the old as we prepare to make our big transition.  We are clearing a lot within the heart chakra.  It’s important that we are staying focused on the new.  Much is happening behind the scenes that is very positive.  Many of you are experiencing lots of synchronicities, or are even having serendipitous encounters.  You may be noticing an increase in number codes such as 11:11.  You may have just been in the right place at the right time for something.  These are all reminders that your angels are always with you and always assisting you.  It’s important though that your asking for help if you need it.  Stay more positive as we are continuing to shift the entire collective into a higher frequency.  This energy is powerful for manifesting.  The Universe is always manifesting your thoughts into reality.  Your thoughts are like a blueprint for your life.  It’s important that we are better understanding that what we are thinking of, we will bring into our lives.  The more positive your staying the higher frequency you’ll be in.

Preparing For The Solstice Gateway…

We are preparing Now, for the Winter Solstice.  The Sun begins a new solar cycle on the Winter Solstice.  This is also the first day of Winter.  This is a powerful portal.  It’s a gateway between worlds.  At this time, the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.  This means we are most spiritually tuned in during this time.  Tomorrow the Sun will come into alignment with the Galactic Center.  As the Sun crosses the Galactic Center we will have tons of incoming waves of Galactic energies.  As the Sun merges with these Galactic energies it will be activated.  This then activates us.  We can expect the Light Body Upgrades to continue and to receive a ton of Solar Light Codes between now and the Solstice.  These light codes are activating your DNA, and much of your DNA is actually Galactic.  That’s why this is an important time to be doing healing and activation work with your DNA.  These are powerful cosmic energies we can be using.  It’s a powerful time for the Earth as well, and Grid Workers.  The Earth is activating and so are the Planetary Light Grids.  At this time the Ley Lines are extra active.  It’s a great time to get outside.  If your a Lightworker you may be feeling these energies a little extra right now.  Make sure your putting your needs and energy first.  These waves of higher frequency energy are helping to awaken and activate the entire planet.  It’s a powerful time for humanity as we prepare for the future.  We are working towards a higher state of consciousness.  Many are anticipating some type of Solar Event or even Space Ships landing.  People are seeing more and more ships as we are preparing.  This is the time to fully step into your power.  We are instant manifesting and have finally anchored into the energies of the New Earth.  More and more are experiencing a 5th dimensional reality.  This is a great time to really tune into your deeper purpose.  The Solstice marks a new beginning and is bringing with it a major shift the energies.  This is a great time to get focused on what it is your going to create for 2021.

On This Space We Are In..

I see a lot of people in fear of the dark and even giving their power to it right now.  We are seeing the power of the light in these energies coming into the Planet.  We are being blasted with waves of 5D energy.  So many people are blaming 5G, the government, the Cabal, even Hollywood during this time.  These are Divine energies and they are of a very high frequency.  We are going through a purification process.   Many people will not make this ascension.  We are in a portal, a place where many souls will begin to leave.  We have been so used to living at a low frequency that it’s taking a lot of work to master these new energies.  There is even an attempt to stay inside or people wearing masks as an attempt to not get sick.  Things are not what they seem.  These energies are going to continue to get more intense.  We are vibrating at a 5th dimensional level and must of this Planet is struggling in 3D.  This is a global ascension and every person on this Planet should be feeling it.  A soul pull to evolve back to the spiritual.  Be careful of what your allowing into your reality right now.  There are many distractions that are playing out.  This is an attempt to pull people back to these lower timelines.  Your a powerful creator and it’s important that your choosing love during this time.  You are always in control of your vibrational frequency.  The truth is nothing outside of yourself can influence you, unless you chose to.  Use this space to fully heal.  We won’t be here long.  This is temporary.  It is to prepare us for the changes ahead.  This is a bridge to the new.

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Energy Update…

I hope everyone is feeling the power behind these energies.  Many people are in a state of confusion about what is actually occurring during this time.  Don’t be distracted by anything the media is portraying.  There has always been an agenda to keep humanity at a low frequency.  This is always done through fear.  The frequencies are rising and the collective is feeling it.  It’s important that we are raising our spiritual frequency.  As the frequencies and energies continue to elevate, anything not good for us, is going to rise with them.  Most people were unaware of a dark agenda that was playing out behind the scenes.  This is no more.  Everything is frequency based and the lower frequencies are dissipating.  While the media is portraying a reveal it’s actually an attempt to conceal what is actually occurring.  Just know that if you focus on healing it will help heal the collective.  Most people have been overloaded with toxins at this point.  Many people have been vaccinated, containing live viruses.   We are seeing the effects of many negative technologies at the same time.  As these frequencies continue to go up they will continue to activate these things within the body, pushing people to release them.  It’s very important that we are physically detoxing and purifying during this time.  We will continue to release any outdated programs from now until May as we have a ton of lunar energies affecting us during this time.  This is actually a purification so that we are ready for the energies of the Equinox.  We are about to enter a new beginning a new cycle energetically.  It’s very important that we are taking good care of ourselves as we make this climb.  Pay attention to your body and how your feeling.  It’s always communicating with you.  Tune into the spiritual now, it’s all around you.  If your feeling overwhelmed make sure your taking time out to meditate and recharge.  I always think the Equinox is one of the biggest shifts of the year.  It has the potential to tear things down in a big way.  Please remember though if something is going let it.  This next shift will take us somewhere new energetically.  Many have been working hard and it’s paying off.

On The Energies…

The Ley Lines are about to get very active, if they aren’t already.  The energy coming in is not just affecting us it’s affecting the structures of the Earth.  It may not always feel amazing to go through this process, but it’s always been for our highest good.  These energies are creating so many positive changes.  It’s very important that people are looking at the big picture as this ascension continues to unfold.  We can expect a storm and entering another one right after that.  The space weather may be intense in some areas, but these are divine energies.  Sunday’s 2/2 Portal will be preparing us for the energy of next weeks Full Moon in Leo.  That will be a Storm Moon that will take us into Mercury Retrograde.  This Retrograde will be interesting, a lot is unfolding behind the scenes.  We can expect to see this awakening to affect everything happening politically during this Retrograde.  Saturn’s and Pluto’s merger will be felt over the next 12 months.  This will play out in a serious of tower moments felt collectively.  It’s important that we understand this is a divine plan and we can only lose anything no longer serving us.  Anything that goes will be replaced by something much more for the higher good.  See how your handling these energies.  That will let you know how much work you have left to do.  It will take some further adjustments as we continue to adjust to more and more of these energies.  Use this time to find your shine.  I mean really find your shine.  We came to bring the light.  It’s very important that your fully supporting yourself as we continue to go through this transition.

Preparing For The Event…

On September 2, 1859 the Carrington Event occurred.  This was a CME that hit Earth.  This CME overpowered the Earth’s protective magnetic field.  This was a storm of charged particles sent by the Sun that slammed into our atmosphere.  This spewed electrified subatomic particles towards our Planet, full of electromagnetic radiation.  This was the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded on this Planet.  This caused havoc on the ground.  The entire Planet saw a white light flare.   Auroras were seen around the world.  It was so bright the night turned to day.  It shut down and fried out any technology.  It shut down the telegraph systems and set fire to many of their systems.  We kicked off this ascension in 2012.  In 2012 we saw a solar storm that didn’t even hit us that shut down grids in several countries.

Wait what does this have to do with where we are at now?

We are preparing for the Event now.  which will be a solar flash of such magnitude that not only will the entire Planet see it, everyone will be affected.  There would be damage to any technology and power grids.  You can see that the amount of energy coming into this Planet is having serious affects and intensifying.  These waves of energy are to prepare us for this final Event.  There are many not disclosing these events to keep humanity in the dark.  NASA has put out a warning last month that “We will see another solar storm similar to the Carrington Event that will decimate Earth.”  We are Shifting into a solar minimum.  That means the frequency of Solar flares will intensify.  This means that many magnetic field lines must cross each other, releasing huge amounts of energy.

Shifting To The New

There is a chain reaction occurring throughout consciousness.  We were lied to about the natures of reality and our potential in every way.  People are awakening and remembering.  In us raising our frequencies and mastering our realities it’s anchoring the Planet into new frequencies.  Those making the biggest shifts in consciousness are those that have chosen paths of service.  The realities they are creating are becoming the new earth.  These souls are becoming gatekeepers to the new, holding the keys for others to find their way.  Not everyone is consciously aware of what is occurring.  But many are figuring out the role they are to play in this Ascension.  While we are many perspectives experiencing the same events, at the core we are One.  As the spiritual realms and dimensions are merging into the physical this should be becoming more and more apparent.  The templates of separation, or the old, won’t work in these new places.  There are many patterns and ways of thinking that must be healed.  The new will be built upon Galactic Unity.  Many races and dimensions finding their way back to this Oneness.  The ultimate merging with Source into the physical.

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11:11 Stargate of Potential

This Space Storm energy has created a Stargate.  We have many energies hitting the Planet right now.  This portal has activated and will remain open until January 11th.  This is to help you shift to higher potential points on your timelines.  This is a gateway of potential.  This is a doorway meant to be used.  This is an energy that is cleansing humanity.  Energetic blocks are being released and any lower frequencies are being purged to the surface.  You see the Earth is also going through these same cycles in perfect synch with what is happening within your body.  11 is a master number.  It’s the number of creation and rapid manifestation.  Just as these energies are picking up, your manifestations are flowing to you faster and faster.  This number is symbolic of the pillars.  Balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  It’s the merging of these energies that is shifting this Planet.  This geomagnetic energy is amplifying the magnetism of your energy and your abilities.  Many dormant energies are once again awakening as you are experiencing your awakening.  This Solar radioactive energy is sending the codes needed to activate you on a cellular level.  Your DNA is mutating toward Divinity.  Today is a good day for self care and integration.  Focus on creating your dream reality.

Activating 5th Dimensional Frequencies With The Rainbow Lightbody

Ascension is hard work.  It’s about letting go of who you thought you were time after time.  We are peeling past layer upon layer of self.  This is the awakening of a dimension of reality beyond the confides of the ego.  The only way our higher self can emerge is to let go of our ego.  This is the veil clouding our perception.  To awaken the 3rd eye is to open yourself up to other dimensions.  We are part of an energetic shift to correct the distortions of ego.  Our light body is our vehicle in which we achieve ascension.  You are made of billions of molecules, within each its own cosmos.  Once your lightbody is activated you will ascend to a rainbow state.  The rainbow lightbody is a frequency of unconditional love.  Your rainbow lightbody will eventually ignite.  Your lightbody is activated through love.  This is the graduation back to full cosmic consciousness.  The magnitude of your energy field is up to you, but the goal is greater spiritual alignment.  Intention matched with frequency is your path to ascension.