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Sirius Gateway…

It’s the last day of June and we prepare for the New Energies coming with July.  We are starting to feel the Energies of the Sirius Gateway that is open from July 3rd-7th.  Sirius is our Spiritual Sun, behind our Sun.  Sirius is a Gateway to Heaven.  The star system Sirius is aligning with our Sun right now.  Right now the Sun is at it’s farthest point from Earth, and Sirius is at a closer point.  This means we are able to receive more of its energy.  These high frequency energies are the start of Heaven on Earth, a new 5th dimensional reality.  This Gateway is letting a ton of Galactic energies through.  Many of you have been feeling the upgrades that have kept coming from the Solstice.  Expect the DNA upgrade to get even stronger as we move through this week and next week.  We will be really feeling the energies of Sirius, and many other portals and gateways that open up through the next couple of months.  During this time of year the Galactic Center aligns with Sirius and Earth.  We are going to see massive surges of energy coming through this year, like never before.  That means we are going through a lot of Lightbody Activation through July.  Make sure your eating foods that are good for you.  More fruits, vegetable, and algae’s will help.  If you are a Starseed or an Earth Angel these energies are for you.  You may be feeling the energies a little extra though.  Expect a lot of downloads or information to come to you.  We are going through a huge expansion of consciousness so fast.  These Light Codes are packed full of instructions for your DNA.  As things are switching on and activating new knowledge is coming to you.  This is amazing energy to be using for healing too!


Midsummer Fairy Portal and Capricorn Super Full Moon…

Capricorn Full Moon and Midsummer Fairy Portal.  Today’s Full Moon happens to be on Midsummer Day.  During this time the veil between worlds is really thin.  In these thin spaces fairies and spirits can visit us in our world, and we can sense them more in ours.  Today is a day of magic, where other worlds open up.  This Full Moon is happening just a few days after the Solstice so it’s one of the brightest, and lightest, Moons of the year.  It’s also the fourth, and last Supermoon of the year.  The Earthy Vibes of today’s Strawberry Moon are very much needed.  The Planetary Energies are changing and we are feeling the Higher Frequency Energies of the New Earth.  These Capricorn Full Moon energies will help us integrate the Solstice Upgrades we are still very much feeling.  This Full Moon forms a beautiful alignment with Jupiter in Pisces.  These are very positive energies.  These energies are encouraging you to slow down and to rest more.  It’s important that your really taking care of yourself,  and are really working on your heart chakra more right now.  We are still in a huge burst of energy though.  It’s an amazing energy to get back into your work flow.  This Capricorn Full Moon is all about the hard work you have been doing, and the work you have left to do.  This energy is pushing us to find more balance between our work and home lives.  This Cancer Season will feel good as it’s bringing an at home vibe.  Mercury Retrograde is over but we are still in a two week Retroshade.  That means these energies are also showing you the healing work that you have left to do.  This Moon is also known as a Full Rose Moon.  It’s a symbol of the Priestess.  The Moon is the Feminine energy and the Sun is the Masculine energy.  There is a powerful combination of both energies still merging together from the Solstice and today’s Full Moon.  If your in a relationship these energies will help bring things into more of a balance.  They can be very romantic energies.  It’s also a great time to make your own magic.  This Moon is amazing for cleansing, healing, and charging your crystals.

art: @ramonlaasc

On The Energies…

We are still integrating the energies from Beltane/ Samhain.  We are entering into the 555 Gateway now.  These Ascension Energies are a Gateway into expanded states of consciousness.  May 5th is a 5-5-5 Portal Day.  It’s the 5th day, of the 5th month, of a number 5 year.  The number 5 is all about change.  With triple numbers it amplifies this vibration.  This Gateway occurs in Taurus and is connecting us with the elements.  Taurus Season is helping us to ground our energy, and to integrate all of these New Light Codes.  It’s the best time to get outside.  The Earth Energies and the Ley Lines are so active right now.  Taurus Season is going to continue to bring a lot of Galactic Energies with it.  The Energies of May are the Energies of the Stars.  The 555 portal is preparing us to continue to receive some powerful Pleiadian Energies this month.  Every year from May 16th-24th a Pleiadian Portal opens.  During this time we have a ton of Galactic energies streaming in.  These energies merge with our own Sun.  The portal will peak and be at its strongest May 20-21st.  The end of May also kicks off Eclipse Season.  May 26th we have a Sagittarius Super Blood Moon Eclipse.  This is a Super Moon and the brightest Full Moon of the year, so we will feel it the most.  The Veil between our world and the spirit world is very thin right now.  Your loved ones and ancestors are with you now.  When the veil is removed it makes passage between the two worlds much easier.  That means on these Portal days the spiritual energies are so high.  That means we can travel easier.  You may be having more vivid dreams or even astral travelling or visiting with your loved ones in your sleep.  This month the focus is on travel, but within your inner worlds.

art: @lyla_ab