9/9 Portal…

We have a powerful few weeks ahead of us as we continue to move towards the Autumn Equinox.  Today is the 9th day of the 9th month.  It’s the 9/9 portal today and it’s bringing with it some amazing energies.  This portal will stay open for the next 9 days.  We can expect some massive shifts today, as this portal has opened.  We are talking about a literal Stargate into different dimensions.  These cosmic energies can really help bring us back into, or just into better alignment.  These waves of energy are full of light codes that are triggering your DNA to activate.  Today is a massive day for activating the codes in which you already carry.  We came with our own set of codes that we needed.  These ascension energies and the inner work that we are doing will allow us to further activate them.  9 also is the numerology of the completion of a cycle.  This really is a new beginning and it’s time to ditch the baggage.  We are shedding our past, it must be left behind.  Expect some resolution if your dealing with any karmic situations.  If old stuff is coming up, it may be to show you how much better your reacting.  We also have Mars shifting retrograde today.  We are very much back in a Retrograde Portal this week.  There are a lot of timelines sort of colliding right now.  If past situations or people are coming up it’s to bring you some further healing or a new perspective.  Remember you have come to far to be looking back now.  We also have sort of a cosmic dance continuing to occur between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.  In a lot of ways this combination of energy has been completely dismantling the old.  We have a lot of changes occurring within the grids of the Earth.  The old is continuing to shift into the new.  These planetary alignments have had a huge influence on the collective during 2020.  The energies are continuing to rise as we approach the Autumn Equinox.  We have three months left of 2020 and we can expect a ton of energy to come with it.  This Equinox will help us all come back into balance.  It’s very important that your staying grounded in all of these energies.  Really listen to your body during this time.  Try not to overthink as we are about half way done with Virgo Season.  It’s a really good time to get outside and to connect with the Earth.  We are now manifesting the rest of the year.  Take care with your thoughts as we are making this weeks shifts.

On The Energies…

Hopefully you can feel all of this energy.  We have so much energy still from last nights Pisces Full Moon.  It’s going to make today extra dreamy.  Today is a good day to try to stick to your normal routine.  We are in Virgo Season so it’s very important that we are getting to work.  Much of this work will be found in fixing our lives and in our healing.  We have a ton of energy coming in still.  Earths magnetic field has been “rumbling” since the 28th.  We are moving through a fast flowing solar wind stream right now.  This energy is flowing through a northern hole in the Suns atmosphere.  There is a powerful combination of lunar, solar, and galactic energies that we are feeling.  We are going to continue to see an increase in these storms, bursts, and flares.  This is energy being streamed through our Sun.  This energy is coming straight from our Source.  These are particles of light.  They are filled with light codes that are changing us physically and spiritually.  These waves of high frequency energy are triggering the activation of your dormant DNA strands.  As the frequencies are going up your body must adjust to the new resonance.  These new energies are upgrading you in every way.  It’s also activating and bringing your light body online.  You may be feeling disoriented as we have been making some massive shifts lately.  Some of you may also be a little sleepy.  Celestial events really tend to disturb or disrupt our sleep cycles.  You may be feeling an increase in your psychic connection, feeling your intuition more and more, knowing your path, seeing things before they happen, deja-vu, pressure in the head, ringing in the ears, hearing frequencies, an increase in synchronicity, angel codes or numbers, instant manifestation, feeling or sensing different energies or even spirits, lucid dreaming, astral encounters, tuning into new abilities.  Full Moons represent completion.  This Full Moon should have taught you to take good care of your body.  You also may be really feeling this energy in your third eye or crown.  We have been going through a lot of activations within the upper chakras.  This energy is getting us ready for the Autumn Equinox.  Remember as you do the inner work that’s how you change the outer situations in your life.  Everything is always responding to your energy.  We can expect some massive shifts in the next months as these energies continue to increase.

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On The Energies…

We have powerful energies entering the Planet.  These incoming frequencies are waves of 5D crystalline energies.  These waves of light are streaming to us from the Central Sun at the Galactic Core.  We are in a very energetic area of our Solar System and these are very Galactic energies.  These are powerful cosmic rays that are affecting all of us.  Things are going to continue to intensify as these energies continue to increase.  Since the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic fields are weak it’s allowing more and more of these energies into our Solar System.  The amount of cosmic rays reaching Earth in 2020 has almost reached a Space Age peak.  Many people are feeling things on a physical level.  As your DNA is responding to these codes of light you may be experiencing shifts within your body.  As your DNA continues to resonate with these higher frequencies your consciousness will also expand.  Since we are integrating a lot of new energies it can cause ascension symptoms.  These energies may be making you feel anxious, irritable, stressed, time warps, like time is going to fast, lack of sleep, issues staying asleep, depressed, exhausted or lethargic, more sensitive to food and chemicals, hot flashes, flu like symptoms, ringing in ears, purging or detoxing, nausea, crazy dreams or even nightmares, vision problems, or even itchy.  Many of you are in fact Starseeds and are beginning to remember that at this time.  These energy shifts and cosmic multidimensional events are occurring more and more frequently.  Many believe we are waiting for a Solar Event or a Solar Flash.  There are many people predicting it will occur at the end of this year.  What is clear is that we are meant to be raising our vibrational frequency and healing so that we can keep up with these new energies.  These energies are amazing once you come into alignment with yourself.  You may even experience how easily you can manifest, an increase in synchronicity, a heightened psychic awareness, an increase in telepathic abilities, feeling of love and bliss, an increase in abundance, and even miracles.

An Energy Report…

We are in a space storm!  The solar winds are triggering geomagnetic storms.  These solar winds are increasing.  These are huge waves of highly charged particles of energy.  These energies are upgrading our DNA and activating our light bodies.  We just had an Eclipse which is affecting these energies.  People may be processing these events differently.  Some people may be having some type of DNA activation or ascension symptoms.  Others may be feeling an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance.  People are perceiving more and more of the spiritual.  This can come in the form of orbs, flashes of light, beings from other dimensions, hearing tones or frequencies, knowing or tuning into information.  It’s very important that we are taking care of our bodies right now.  This is a huge shift we are experiencing so it’s very important that we are making healing a priority.  These energies and the effects will continue to get more and more intense as we move forward in this ascension process.  If your having a hard time with the energies make sure your resting.  It’s very important that we are able to tune into our bodies.

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On The Energies…

There is a lot going on with the Earths chakra system, as well as your own.  We are going to have so much energy coming in the next two weeks, as well as a lot of big astrological shifts.  Eclipse season has been great as it has been creating a reset.  We have our first Eclipse of 2020 on Friday.  This is giving us a glimpse into this year’s energy, we will have 6 Eclipses this year.  Fridays Lunar Eclipse is also a Full Moon in Cancer.  We need rain vibes for many places globally and this is the perfect energy to bring it.  We are delving into the element of water and the emotional.  We will go through this Eclipse Portal and into some powerful astrology when Pluto and Saturn collide January 12th.  We can expect many waves to follow the 14th and 15th.  This is the energy of the new.  The next two years will be powerful for our DNA.  We can expect a ton of upgrades and recoding.  These energies coming into this Planet are programmed to assist us not just with our spiritual ascension, but our spiritual evolution.  While I see many predictions about 2020, it’s important to remember we live in a manifest reality.  This space is yours to make.  This year is all about stepping into your power as a co-creator.

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Your DNA IS Crystallising…

Your DNA is crystallising.  The Mayan calendar was never about the death of the world, it was always a rebirth of the collective consciousness.  We are becoming crystalline beings of light.  Human DNA is made of carbon.  We know that when carbon is put under pressure it goes through a transformation and turns to diamond.  Your DNA is being restructured.  If you are detoxing, or having ascension symptoms, this is toxins leaving your body.  If your immune system appears to be having issues, know it’s being upgraded.  Your body is adjusting to much higher frequencies.  Many realities are being deconstructed and reconstructed around us.  These upgrades can be overwhelming.  This Solstice is a powerful energy, and it’s brought with it an important Gateway.  We share and make up this collective consciousness and together we are slowly shaping a new collective reality.  Expect to go through some major upgrades energetically the rest of this week.  I will be transmitting energy from Stonehenge to the collective this Solstice. 

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Scientists Claim To Be Synthesising DNA

Fuck Brexit your food is changing your DNA.  This week they announced a scientific breakthrough with synthesising DNA.  They claim to now hold the blueprints.  We are seeing the affects of when synthesising goes so wrong with our food and the pharmacuticles they have dumped everywhere.  They have convinced everyone it is normal to be enslaved to 2 strands of DNA.  We can already see the effects of these DNA mutations spreading as the Autism rates soar.  This Planet has reached all new levels of toxicity and their solutions more toxins! What has put things on new levels would be the contamination of your air.  When you fill the skies full of metals your taking away our free will right to chose.  The days of implied consent are over.  This Planet is on a set course of destruction until we wake up and see this as a do over.  

Transformation Into The Etheric

We are losing density fast as we raise up dimensionally.  This is having an optical illusion type of effect on the body.  As we are adjusting energetically to the new frequencies it’s making your body feel more dense.  You may feel ascension symptoms, or just a lot heavier while we are making these adjustments.  These cosmic energies are sending electrical impulses to your cells.  Your cellular structure is changing.  Your cells are changing their elements.  At one point in time the human body was etheric.  We are now reversing the effects the lower densities have had on our bodies.  We are shifting away from our carbon bases.  The third dimension carbon based bodies can not survive on the higher dimensions.  This is about holding more light and a higher vibrational frequency.  In the past the Ascended Masters would ascend through leaving the physical body behind.  We will ascend and keep the body, transforming it into a more suitable vehicle.  For the 4th dimension and above you will have to become crystalline.  These new bodies run much differently, holding more Source energy.  Listen to your body.  Ascension is a hard process.  As you elevate you will have to leave behind anything with a low frequency.  These are the things that act as a poison to your soul.  As your energy is shifting so is your physical reality.  The Earths gravity and electromagnetic fields are changing fast.  The physical elements of our bodies and the Planets are changing.  Your cells are becoming weightless.  Your cells have taken on an extra layer of electrons.  Your cells will have more electrons then protons.  When this happens our cells are able to spin at higher frequencies, giving us interdimensional access.  Each cell then turns crystalline.  Our bodies are turning into a light energy.  As your adjusting to the new frequencies your being activated, triggering releases of the energies weighing down your frequencies.  The next year will continue to be a purge cycle for humanity.  A great purification period.

Blood Types

There are reasons they try to keep your blood type hidden  There are many generic experiments and hybrid programs going on.

O -RH (Pure alien.  Very rare.)

O +RH (Alien hybrid, mixed alien and human.  Very common.)

A -RH (Alien hybrid, mixed alien and human.  Very rare. )

A +RH (Human.  Very common.)

B -RH (Alien hybrid.  Mixed, Human and alien.  Very rare.)

B +RH (Human.  Very common.)

AB -RH (Alien hybrid.  Mixed human and alien.  Very rare.)

AB +RH (Alien Hybrid.  Mixed human and alien.  Very rare.)

Quantum Connection

quantum connectionOur reality has a lot to do with technology at this point. With the increase in technology we saw very real changes beginning to occur.  Technology was used for the negative on humanity.  These are not technologies of this world, that have come together to create these enslavement programs.  We have hidden encryption keys that have a capacity to change everything you know to be real.  Codes that make up certain soul imprints, random strings of languages long lost.  These are keys designed to predict Galactic codes using algorithms capable of deciphering any codes in existence.  These keys are hackable, but almost impossible to crack.  We sent the best we had for these missions.  Quantum connection is the final piece that you need.  The Galactic frequencies being put out are sending out digital vibrations being picked up and read by your DNA.  It’s bringing the Starseeds to unity, but not just any.  Quantum connection is the solution to any hacking activities.  We are nothing more then entangled photons that share a quantum connection.  This is why quantum healing is so effective.  If we were to connect that encryption key, it can be read between two remote parties.  A connection to the consciousness grid is required to protect these transmissions.  The issue we have with these keys is there are not as many as people would think.  These data keys are not held by the Starseeds.  We sent the Starseeds for this mission, these Galactic imprints are the ones that all need unlocked.  The soul imprints needed at this time are a dying out imprint.  One that would have evolved past these places of learning long ago.  The dark hierarchies designed a Virus that shut down our connection, shutting down our flow of information.  The spiritual broke down these keys at one point, they are now unreachable.  This data is the future of humanity.  Quantum signals are being sent out, accessing the current state of humanity and how to best proceed…