On DNA And Trauma…



We are doing the deepest healing work in this lifetime of any lives we have ever had.  It is amazing to just be on the Planet during this time.  We are here to heal and clear any of our negative karmic patterns, family patterns, childhood trauma, and our ancestral DNA.  You’ll find your past life trauma and this one, are one, and that they are rooted in your family lessons.  These are your past lives.  One soul group working on the same lessons each life.  We have a lot going on with the DNA at the moment.  We have been experiencing the effects of a lot of passed down inter generational trauma.  That means most of your trauma was inherited.  It was passed down through your family line as genetic changes in your DNA.  Childhood trauma changes our DNA.  Too much childhood trauma can permanently alter the way our DNA expresses itself and the way our nervous systems reacts to stress.  If you have a healthy normal child they will express there DNA on there original template.  Take that same child that went through abuse it can permanently alter there DNA.  Turning on and activating more karma for them.  This is why abuse and problems usually cycle down the family lines.  Childhood trauma is so serious.  We have all been through it to on such a deep level.  There is such a connection between these DNA changes and bad relationships, illnesses such as heart issues and cancer, and not to mention early death.  Fear, and stress will change your DNA.  So can low frequencies.  Your DNA controls your neurotransmitters and receptors.  Trauma changes your brain and your nervous system.  We know how we feel about things is so important too.  Changes to your DNA can cause anxiety.  If your parent had a lot of emotional baggage or unhealed trauma around you it would change your DNA.  Remember most of this was happening unconsciously.  Pattens they weren’t ready to face or deal with.  Intergenerational trauma is passed down from one generation to the next through genetic changes to the DNA.  The experiences of your ancestors affecting and playing out in your reality.  You may notice shared karma or similar patterns between your life and those that came before you.  They had the same issues and struggles coming up for them too.  These challenges were then passed down to you.  That means your children and grandchildren will be shaped by the genes they inherited from you.  Karmic patterns stored within the DNA.  Things like death, suicide, illness, poverty, violence, abuse, wars, and general karma being passed down.  Events in one lifetime can change the DNA.  Passing down those changes to the next generation.  Your unspoken trauma isn’t just being felt, your children will absorb it.  We also have lots of environmental factors going on like negative aliens coming and interfering with the genetic code.  Food, medications, toxins and chemicals are changing things too.  Your in a controlled environment.  The forces we are up against have been at this for a long time.  One that induces a lot of stress, worry, and trauma.  Many are tapping into there true Divine Blueprints.  There original templates that were hacked so long ago.  We can activate way beyond that double strand template.  Many are switching on 12 strands and above within these higher frequency energies.  The best way to do that is by healing and clearing your trauma more.