Preparing To Enter The 2/2 Portal…

We have a lot of incoming energy.  These waves will lead us into the 2/2 Portal.  The energy of 2020 is not just shaping this year, but it will influence the decade to come.  These shifts have the potential to change the world.  February’s astrology is encouraging us to chose higher love based timelines.  While people may be feeling detached this week, we are simply being asked to shift the focus back to ourselves.  2020 is about taking accountability for our own energy and creations.  The energy of the new has arrived and it’s up to us to make the changes we wish to see.  We are literally creating the New Earth with our daydreams and intentions right now.  Worlds anchored into the frequencies of love.  2/2 is the the first time we have re-encountered a palindromic date since 2012, as in same anyway you turn it numerically.  2/2 is also imbolc day.  This is a big Gateway because we are at the midpoint between the Solstice and Equinox.  This is a powerful time to connect to the Earth.

We will be doing an Event for 2/2.  We are doing a live guided meditation and healing activation in a private group on Facebook.  Here is the link to sign up to join us..

One thought on “Preparing To Enter The 2/2 Portal…

  1. I am asking for help with my spiritual growth , I’ve been feeling intense shift that unfortunately when I try to let a friend of mine know y I’m drifting away from certainly most things we used to enjoy together she sits smiling like I’m silly . I’ve been on this special journey for 5 + yes but lately I’m not really to bothered about ppls opinions saying that I would love them 1st to be happy for themselves if they could then be ? that I’ve found a place where I finally feel I belong . I have always had massive hurdles it seems to get over only to find a larger ones and finally I’m beginning to understand y they were put there to begin with . I’m not selfish and I feel I deserve an abundant life . one more thing I’m learning lessons daily but I will stay away from anyone who questions the good positive change in my life . I want to say Ty to your group for helping me flourish .

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