On The Energies…

We have a New Moon in Aquarius tonight.  This is bringing with it some fresh energies.  Tomorrow is one of the 52 Portal days in the Mayan calendar.  This is where a merging of energies occurs between cosmic energies and Earth energies.  These portals are powerful for transmitting cosmic knowledge.  The 25th is Red Lunar Earth day.  This is about who we are and who we are becoming.  This Portal will take us deeper into ourselves.  This energy will take us into a much deeper alignment with the Earth.  The Red Earth is a channel meant to take us into alignment with the Galactic Heart.  This energy is meant to activate your inner healer.  We are at an important point with this ascension.  This is a powerful energy for planning something new or making big changes.  Many are feeling these energies and the work we have left to do.  Take your time with this.  Nothing great was ever rushed.  These energies are meant to motivate you by giving you more insight into the work you have left.  A lot of that work will be with your heart chakra.  Through us finding balance with this center we bring balance to the collective.  This energy is reminding us to tune into this gateway.  The next few days are powerful for manifesting and healing.

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