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Full Moon In Aquarius…

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius tonight.  This Full Moon is really being felt as we are right in the middle of this Lions Gate Portal.  We are getting used to the energies of 5D and many people are beginning to feel it within the physical body.  These are much higher frequencies and it will take some getting used to.  These energies are activating different things within.  Many of you are going through a spiritual awakening and may even be remembering your a Starseed.  Starseeds are advanced souls that came from different planets, solar systems, stars or even galaxies.  Many of you wanted to be here at this time to assist with this shift in consciousness.  The energy of this Full Moon should be waking you up to the fact that your here for something much bigger then yourself at this time.  You should be sensing or even know that you have an important mission.  Aquarius is all about individual expression.  It’s important that we realise we each have a unique path.  It’s important that we are tuning into our own internal guidance at this time.  For many this Lions Gate Portal energy will be a star gate into the awakening.  Many will be waking up from these energies with a roar! This Planet is being flooded with lots of Sirian energies at this time.  Powerful light codes and downloads are coming in.  This is a really good time to meditate and to connect with this Sun.  This is the best time to work on your heart chakra and your third eye.  Many of you may be even getting more information on your galactic past.  It’s a powerful energy and some people may be releasing or clearing heart chakra blockages.  We still have a lot of work to do with the heart chakra.  We still have 5 planets retrograde this month as well.  Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Chiron.  These are outer planets, but they still are shaking things up.  Anytime we are in a retrograde we are meant to slow down and to work on healing.  Since we are in Leo Season things may seem to be moving fast.  We are going through a lot of accelerated growth right now.  Take good care of yourself right now.  Make sure your ready for the peak and full opening of this Lions Gate Portal, which is 8/8.

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On The Energies…

We have a New Moon in Aquarius tonight.  This is bringing with it some fresh energies.  Tomorrow is one of the 52 Portal days in the Mayan calendar.  This is where a merging of energies occurs between cosmic energies and Earth energies.  These portals are powerful for transmitting cosmic knowledge.  The 25th is Red Lunar Earth day.  This is about who we are and who we are becoming.  This Portal will take us deeper into ourselves.  This energy will take us into a much deeper alignment with the Earth.  The Red Earth is a channel meant to take us into alignment with the Galactic Heart.  This energy is meant to activate your inner healer.  We are at an important point with this ascension.  This is a powerful energy for planning something new or making big changes.  Many are feeling these energies and the work we have left to do.  Take your time with this.  Nothing great was ever rushed.  These energies are meant to motivate you by giving you more insight into the work you have left.  A lot of that work will be with your heart chakra.  Through us finding balance with this center we bring balance to the collective.  This energy is reminding us to tune into this gateway.  The next few days are powerful for manifesting and healing.

Navigating Aquarius Season…

We are in Aquarius Season and this is a powerful energy to be adding to our ascension.  Any Aquarius Sun signs might feel ready for a change or even impulsive with this energy.  We can expect this Aquarius Season to shake things up.  This is a lot of Galactic influence right now.  This is a time where we can best influence our destiny.  These energies are most affecting the mind and the third eye.  You may feel extra tuned in, be having premonitions, or even more lucid dreams.  It’s a powerful time to be daydreaming about the future.  The energy of tomorrow’s New Moon is pushing us to get more creative.  This is a good time to break out of your shell.  Aquarius is all about coming together with others.  It’s the perfect energy to manifest more of your soul tribe.  This is all about the vibes you are putting out.  This is also the perfect time to find your independence.  This sign is all about a deeper liberation.  Tomorrow’s New Moon is meant to mark a new beginning.  Right after this New Moon Venus will be bringing some big influence to the energies.  This may be affecting anything we have left to heal when it comes to love.  This is all about becoming our best selves and it’s important that our relationships are encouraging us to change for the better.  2020 is not only the start of a new decade, but it’s also the start of a new astrological era.  This is where the new begins to emerge.  2020 will be bringing more and more of these new energies to us.

New Moon In Aquarius…

A lot of people are feeling the shift in energies.  The Sun has shifted into Aquarius and we are preparing for Fridays New Moon in Aquarius.  This element is meant to bring about change.  This New Moon is meant to help us in integrating the energies of the last Eclipse.  The frequencies are changing and it’s meant to bring with it a new beginning.  This New Moon may be extra dramatic since it’s occurring right after Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction.  This is about how we are navigating the unseen.  It’s about how we are reacting to things we can not control.  Aquarius is meant to liberate, but for some that may not feel good.  It’s time to really trust this process and the things we are being asked to detach from.  This element will bring with it a lot of high influxes of energy.  We have a huge focus on the third eye and the mind right now.  This air energy may require you to ground a little extra.  Our intentions and dreams we are seeding during the New Moon will really bloom over the next few months.

Shifting Into Aquarius…

Today we have the Sun shifting into Aquarius.  This is actually a huge cosmic shift because we have a New Moon Friday, which is also in Aquarius.  This shift may feel a lot lighter after coming out of all of this Capricorn energy.  This will be the first New Year of the year and a powerful time to be seeding our intentions.  We have a lot of activity coming from Uranus so we can expect this energy to bring a lot of change and even trigger awakenings.  This New Moon also marks the start of the Chinese New Year.  This shift is bringing with it waves of new energy.  These are the energies of the new and it can take some practice to learn how to flow in them.  As the energies are changing we must change with them.  We are being reminded as we navigate not just Aquarius Season, but The Age Of Aquarius to stay focused on our own lessons.  We are shifting more and more to service with these energies.  It’s also very important that your giving yourself space to integrate all of these energies.  2020 will bring some huge lightbody upgrades.  Because we are having so many things activated during this time it’s important that your listening to your body.

Full Moon In Aquarius Healing Ritual…

We have some powerful incoming energies.  We are being flooded with photons of light.  These photons carry the codes needed to awaken us to our potential as well as information.  I’m doing a Full Moon Healing ritual today.  This energy is powerful for activating you, upgrading you, and releasing past traumas stored in your energy field.  This healing session will focus on removing the 3rd dimensional templates and activating your higher ones.  We will be doing a sweep of your past this life and your past Akashic.  Expect a setious heart chakra and third eye expansion.  To participate just sign up through our shop and I’ll give you the link to access the event.  I will be live streaming this in a private Facebook group.  If you do not have a Facebook I can send you  the video after the event.  Take advantage of this energy.  Hope to see you there!


Full Moon in Aquarius…

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius the 15th.  This Moon will be very intense as it carries the energy of the Lions Gate with it.  Aquarius is represented by a woman carrying a pitcher of water.  This woman represents the healer and the water represents the heavy emotions, and pain and suffering of the world.  This is a symbol of alchemy.  This healer exists with in all of us.  Chiron is still retrograde and will continue to stir up old wounds and emotions to release.  People may be purging from the changes in the frequencies this month.  This Full Moon will represent freedom and liberation.  It’s going to shine a light on any control dramas or anything no longer serving you.  There is a sense that a real change is upon us.  The ones that have been awake for a while now are watching with anticipation.  Your being prepared for something much bigger.  Tensions may run high with the Full Moon.  Avoid any drama as we are manifesting rapidly.  While people are growing frustrated with a lack of outward change, we should be realising this is all to direct us inward.  Jupiter has just shifted direct and is now going to be bringing us new lessons and experiences.  Relationships may be moving forward quickly.  Please remember that these are positive changes occurring.  The veil between worlds will remain at its thinnest this week.  This is amplifying your connection to the spiritual realms.  It’s an amazing time to be continuing to heal or tuning in through meditation.

I will be doing a special ritual and healing session for this Full Moon.  This is a powerful energy.  Here is the link to sign up to participate…


New Moon Meditation And Activation-Monday

On Monday I’ll be doing a live guided Meditation on Facebook.  I’ll also be doing a New Moon Activation through my website.  I will be working with the energies of Neptune.  This is to activate your own inner knowledge.  This Moon will be unique in its energetic effects.  The Moon energies will last for about 4 weeks.  While this New Moon is in Aquarius it also sits at the midpoint of Saturn sextile Neptune.  This energy is meant to bring us spiritual wisdom and the energy needed to create our dreams.  This New Moon is ideal for self-reflection, dreaming, meditation, and healing.  It’s time we unlock who we really are and our infinite potential.  This activation will better connect you to Source, it a combination of Reiki and Soul Fusion.  It helps better connect you, to better work with these etheric energies.  These astrological alignments are powerful in terms of your past and your future.  This energy is expansive and will enhance your third eye, opening you up to more visual experiences.  Check out our New Moon Neptune Activation in our store to participate! 

Energy Report

Things are about to lighten up with this New Moon In Aquarius.  The energy from January’s eclipses will still be felt through February.  This Now Moon is amplifying the energy on this Planet.  The effects will, in fact, last several weeks.  We have a powerful month astrologically.  On February 18th the Sun will shift into Pisces.  This will be accompanied by Chiron moving into Aries.  This will create a huge cosmic shift, creating a new energetic cycle.  The next Full Moon will be adding an extra dynamic to this shift.  We are at a K3 index currently with this Space Storm.  We are expected to hit K5.  You can expect this energy to feel like an emotional roller coaster.  We are holding on to way to much old programming, that must be let go of.  The things that have been blocking you for far to long are coming to the surface to be released.  There is a huge focus on your inner child right now and clearing any old wounds.  We are on a bridge between worlds.  This New Moon will make your path more clear.  Your intentions have never been more important.  This storm will amplify them and send them back to you.  Focus on love and abundance so you receive these back.  

Space Storm Hit List Astrologically

This storm is going to bring unexpected changes around love and relationships.  This storm will awaken your senses, changing your emotional makeup.  The storm hit list, as in signs that will be most affected by this storm.  Don’t look at these shifts as negative, expect to be upgraded with these energies.  Let go of anything not serving you to replace with better creations.  

Taurus- Time to shine

Leo- Expect work changes

Scorpio- Expect relationship shifts

Aquarius- Reconnect and Recharge