On The Energies…

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius.  This is a Super Moon.  It’s also the Lions Gate Portal so the energies are extra heightened.  Expect the Geomagnetic storms to continue.  We are in a very strong wave of energies right now.  The energies will continue to climb until the peak of the Lions Gate Portal, which is the 8:8 Portal.  8 is a powerhouse number that represents the infinity.  It’s a bridge between the material and spiritual realms.  It’s also a number all about power and wealth.  Earth is in a powerful alignment with our Galactic Center of our Milky Way right now.  We are receiving a huge influx of energies as our Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, and Orion belt have shifted into alignment with Earth and our Ley Line system.  These energies are amazing for getting things done.  You may feel things are moving fast right now.  They are!  You should feel excited and optimistic about the future right now.  These energies are helping you to clear the illusions.  They are helping you to see things more clearly.  This is time to clear your energy.  This Shift is bringing a lot of Galactic Vibes, a US Military Alien Disclosure, and lots of magic.  We have some major change the world vibes being served up right now.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is a sign of the future.  All about planning and getting back on course for your future right now.  You have always been in charge of manifesting it and making it happen.  The Lions Gate Portal is all about the Upgrades.  Expect the DNA and Lightbody activations to continue as we move through it.  These energies are all about shifting us into higher states of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

art: @shiningoddess

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