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On The Energies…

Today is Shooting Star Saturday.  It’s the peak of the Delta Aquarids, Capricornids, and Perseids Meteor Shower.  That means that Earth is passing through all that debris, of 3 meteor showers.  Expect some major energies today.  Expect tons of shooting stars and fireballs tonight.  It’s a amazing night for stargazing.  It’s the Lions Gate Portal.  Right now Earth and the star system  Sirius are aligned.  We have tons of energies streaming in, which are being broadcast through Sirius and through our Great Central Sun.  The star system of Orion is also aligned with Earth.  Orion’s Belt aligns perfectly with the Pyramid of Giza for the Lions Gate.  Things will continue to peak until the 8:8 Portal.  These energies are amazing for tapping into for our spiritual awakening.  They can help us in expanding our consciousness.  Expect major DNA upgrades this week.  This is why it’s so important that your doing some type of energy work.  These high vibrational energies can help us so much with our healing.  These energies can help shift us into a deeper alignment.  These Light Codes coming in are also so powerful for manifesting.  Stay focused on your dreams and goals through the rest of the Lions Gate.  This will help shift you to those higher timelines.  Expect to be feeling, and going through some major shifts in frequency over the next week.  You may feel or hear buzzing, vibrating, or pulsating.  Amazing energies for love and the heart chakra this week.  You may feel extra deep or romantic vibes if your in a relationship.


On The Energies…

You can now start to look for the star Sirius.  We are celebrating its rising and it’s first morning appearance.  It should be visible again in the morning just before sunrise, August 11th.  We will continue to be in the Lions Gate Portal energies until August 12th.  It peaked yesterday, so we are in the strongest part of it’s energies now.  This Gateway will stay open for a few weeks.  That means the rest of August will continue to bring some amazing energies.  Last night our Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, and Orion’s Belt formed a powerful alignment with Earth.  Sirius aligns perfectly with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids Of Giza in Egypt.  The Pyramids Of Giza are a gateway for these energies.  I like to think of the pyramids as a map to the heavens.  They point to the stars.  The Pyramids Of Giza were built in perfect alignment with the Ley Lines and Orion’s Belt and even The Heart Of Orion.  Orion’s Belt is home to departed souls and a place where many stars are born.  There are three stars that make up Orion’s Belt and three worlds.  The upper heavenly realms, the middle world, and the underworld.  These energies and the rest of August will continue to bring some powerful light codes and DNA upgrades.  These energies are meant to heal the planet and our hearts.  It’s very important that your letting your heart guide you.  We are going to be feeling the effects of last nights Leo New Moon still over the next 3 days.  These are powerful energies for healing and manifesting.  Enjoy the rest of Leo Season while we have it.  The fire energy is amazing right now.  August 22nd will bring some major Shifts as we move into Virgo Season.  We have a Full Moon the same day, which is a Blue Moon.  Things will slow down at this point as we shift into the element of Earth.

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