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On The Energies…

This Super Moon is the largest and brightest full moon ever seen.  It’s one of the strongest Moons we have ever had.  A Geomagnetic Storm has also kicked off.  Tomorrow a high-speed stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field.  We have a lot of different physical matter and energies from the Sun being thrown towards Earth.  Our Sun is basically a giant ball of fire plasma.  We have a huge influx of Plasma Energies coming at us right now, and lots of them.  We are also receiving huge influxes of Galactic Energies like never before.  It’s the Galactic Energies that are setting our Sun off.  These energies are having a powerful effect on the planet.  We are going through some massive DNA upgrades between now and August.  That’s why so many people are feeling it, or are feeling ascension symptoms.  This Super Moon is bringing Comet K2 with it.  Comet K2 could be one of the largest comets Earth has ever seen.  It will come closest to Earth on July 13th, and be most visible on July 14th.  These energies are so powerful for working on our energy and for manifesting.  The next 3 weeks are so important for what we are working on, and what we are doing.


On The Energies…

In less then 48 hours we have the second, and the biggest Super Moon of the year.  This Super Moon is going to be coming super close to the Earth.  That’s why it’s so powerful.  That means we are really feeling the effects.  Let’s not forget this Full Moon, right now, is super charged with a ton of Galactic Energies.  This is also the Thunder Moon it’s known to bring storms.  These storms are looking a little different then we are used to lately.  They are coming in the form of the Ascension Waves coming into the Planet.  We are also in Cancer Season and Cancer rules the Moon.  That’s why it’s such a powerful energy for tapping into your intuition and guidance.  Capricorn Full Moons are extra powerful.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, ruler of karma, and architect of the solar system.  These energies are all about your long term goals.  We are in some of the strongest manifesting energies of the year.   It’s time to focus on your mission.  You did not go through all of this work to play it small.  Earth elements are all about hard work, and putting in the groundwork to make things happen.  It’s important that your taking your future seriously.  We have a beautiful alignment happening right now between the Sun, Moon, and the Lunar Nodes of Fate.  This is helping you to take back your power and your own destiny.  It’s all about tapping into/ and activating your ascension blueprints.  This starts with your vision.  Your are mapping out the path ahead with your thoughts! Both Cancer and Capricorn are about putting down roots.  There is a major healing happening within the root chakra and relationships right now.  This Super Moon will also be conjoining Pluto.  Expect things to come out.  That means if things have been hidden or kept secret.  Many are waking up at this time from these energies.  The rest of the month is also continuing to bring us lots of star energy.

We Are Meditating Today…

We are coming together to meditate today for the Sagittarius Full Moon.  This is a Total Lunar Eclipse, and a Super Blood Moon.  We are going to be tapping into these energies to do some clearing and healing work.  It’s a great time to bring healing to the past.  This energy will bring a big release.  It’s a great time to bring the frequencies up with your soul group.  Meditation is at 5pm Uk time, noon New York Time.  It works the same on replay though if you can’t make it live.  You just purchase the meditation and I email you the group link to join us.


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