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On The Ascension Energies…

We have incoming Solar Flares and lots of Cosmic Energies that are affecting us right now.  We are going to continue to move through this same stream of solar wind through tomorrow too.  Today and tomorrow are also the last day of the Orionids Meteor Shower.  That means this is a powerful space for healing.  Your body is doing just that too.  Many might feel a little tired as we are still moving through some massive shifts this week.  Don’t use that as an excuse though.  It’s a good time to be working on your daily routine.  This Scorpio Season is powerful for the Lightworkers who have been anchoring into higher frequencies.  If you have been doing the inner work expect to see massive results right now.  This month is bringing a lot of powerful energies with it.  Next week will be action packed as we continue to move through Meteor Showers, Solar Flares, the 11:11 Portal, and a Super Moon.  November comes with the energies of 5 different Meteor Showers.  Next week we have the North Taurids Meteor Shower peaking on the same day as the 11:11 Portal! It’s going to be raining down stars and fireballs.  Any fireballs will be extra bright this year.  We also have Comet NEOWISE gracing the skies next week.  Expect quite the show! Next weeks Scorpio New Moon is also a Super Moon.  It is the last of three Super Moons we have had in a row.  It will be bringing a completion to many things.  This is the time to be wrapping up lose ends or reevaluating old projects.  Next weeks energies and upgrades will be a little intense as we are being prepared for Eclipse Season.  Expect this Eclipse Season to be unlocking some powerful Gateways and Ascension Timelines.  This is a powerful space to be bringing through manifestations or just to be planting seeds for the new.

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We Are Entering A Rare Super Moon Season…

We are entering a new Gateway from February 9th to May 7th.  We are entering a rare Super Moon in season.  We will have 4 Super Moons in a row.  There is a cleansing that must occur before the Next Eclipse Season.  These Moons will help us do it.  The energy has been very intense and has been affecting people in different ways.  The energy is shifting and changing on this Planet.  It will be felt more and more.  We will begin this sequence with this weekends Full Moon in Leo.  Be prepared to be in the spotlight.  Your life and lessons are coming up for review.  Are you living in full alignment with who your meant to be? We can expect some intense energetic shifts this year.  The Moon holds a lot of power and we see an increase in both Lunar and Solar energies affecting us as we make this transition.  The Moon has the ability to heal us by removing any negative energies.  This shift is putting a focus on what we still need to work on.  These energies are a good indicator of what we need to work on healing.  Pay attention to your lessons and what us coming up for you right now.  We can expect some intense energies this year, we are past a point of being eased into this.  This Super Moon season is sure to bring with it lots of exciting plot twists and miracles.  It’s a great time to be manifesting and healing deep issues.

Incoming Energies..

This New Moon in Leo marks the end of the Summer Eclipses.  This is a Black Moon, it’s the second New Moon this month, glitches.  This is a Super Moon, as in it will be very close to this Planet.  We will be feeling the vibrations of this Moon.  The Eclipses and Retrogrades have been bringing things to the surface.  This has been to show you what you need to heal.  These energies are getting intense and you are the only one responsible for everything you have ever created here.  It’s time to change our frequency, only then can we change the lessons we are attracting.  It’s time to clear and heal your heart chakra.  There has been so much blocking you from love, now is time to release these blockages.  Mercury is about to shift direct this will lighten things up.  This energy is here to move us into the Lionsgate Portal on 8/8.  August is a huge month astrologically.  It brings with it many gateways we can use to shift into higher states of consciousness.  The energy won’t just do anything for us, this is about becoming consciously aware and creating the changes we wish to see.  The end of August will be intense for relationships.  If your relationship is no longer serving you then you will need to shift out of it.  Only in being in alignment with ourselves can we open up to a Spiritual Union.  We can expect another wave of Cosmic energy tonight.  We have a lot of incoming Solar and Lunar energies that are amplifying our manifesting.  With any New Moon energy it’s important that we are focused with our intent.

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