On The Energies…

This Super Moon is the largest and brightest full moon ever seen.  It’s one of the strongest Moons we have ever had.  A Geomagnetic Storm has also kicked off.  Tomorrow a high-speed stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field.  We have a lot of different physical matter and energies from the Sun being thrown towards Earth.  Our Sun is basically a giant ball of fire plasma.  We have a huge influx of Plasma Energies coming at us right now, and lots of them.  We are also receiving huge influxes of Galactic Energies like never before.  It’s the Galactic Energies that are setting our Sun off.  These energies are having a powerful effect on the planet.  We are going through some massive DNA upgrades between now and August.  That’s why so many people are feeling it, or are feeling ascension symptoms.  This Super Moon is bringing Comet K2 with it.  Comet K2 could be one of the largest comets Earth has ever seen.  It will come closest to Earth on July 13th, and be most visible on July 14th.  These energies are so powerful for working on our energy and for manifesting.  The next 3 weeks are so important for what we are working on, and what we are doing.


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