Comet K2 Visits Earth Today…

Comet K2 visits Earth Wednesday and Thursday.  This is a MegaComet.  Expect it to be lighting up the sky today.  This is one of the farthest inbound comets ever detected.  That makes it one of the most ancient entities to even ever enter our inner solar system.  This Comet came from the constellation Draco.  For the last few years it has been looping through Draco, Hercules and Lyra.  It’s visiting Earth today and a huge deal.  This Comet will not be returning to Earth for several million years.  This is one of the more visually interesting comets.  Not only does it glow in the dark, we can expect lots of flickering and glimmering.  It’s bringing a ton of magic with it.  The Cosmic Events that are playing out right now are just for you and a big deal.  There are big energies coming into the Planet right now.  This Comet will be helping us to clear and release psychic and energetic debris.  This is a great time to be clearing your energy, or to be doing an energy detox.  We have been having a huge amount of solar activity and solar flares lately.  Expect this to only increase.  Comet K2 will be adding to these energies.  This comet is also in Sagittarius.  That means it’s aligning with the Galactic Centre/ Center of our Milky Way Galaxy.


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