Saturday Is Celtic Reiki…

We are doing Celtic Reiki level 1 Saturday at noon California time (8pm UK time).  It’s available anytime on replay though if you can’t make it live.  This class is for all levels.  Celtic Reiki uses symbols made from the ancient Celtic Ogham alphabet.  These energies help us to become more in tune with the frequency of various trees and plants so as to work in accordance with channeled and Celtic wisdom.  This unique style of Reiki beautifully combines the healing energy of Reiki with the ancient wisdom of the Celts and can be used for both healing purposes and goal manifestation. It contains a variety of new techniques based on Celtic ritual and diverse frequencies of energy, which offer the ability to tackle a range of everyday issues such as health, prosperity and finance, work, love and relationships. 

Celtic Reiki Class- Level 1



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