On The Energies…

Happy Harvest Moon! This Pisces Full Moon is super charged with the Energies of the Equinox.  You may feel the storm is coming with this Equinox too.  It very much is too.  This weeks energies have been huge with Mercury shifting Retrograde.  The energies are going to be moving super fast though your life over the next few weeks.  This Harvest Moon is one of the Witchiest Moons of the year.  Manifesting and Magic are at an all time high.  Today is a day for healing and working your magic.  This years Harvest Moon is rising and aligned with Jupiter making it extra lucky.  Expect unexpected shifts in your favor, your path moving you closer to your destiny, and serendipitous encounters.  Pisces symbolizes the two fish, or Merpeople.  This Pisces Full Moon is helping us to tap into our connections on a deeper level.  Not just any connection that Twin Flame connection that will last the span of many lifetimes.  The dream world is really open right now too.  Expect the lines to blur more and more opening you up to more astral travel and interactions with loved ones, that goes both for the living and for the dead.  The Northern half of the world is shifting through the Autumn Equinox.  Expect longer nights and gloomy weather.  The Southern half of the world is shifting through the Spring Equinox expect better temperatures and more Sunlight.  During September our Sun aligns with the Galactic Center.  That means we are receiving a ton of Galactic Energies from several major star systems right now.  Right now we are getting a preview of what will come this Winter in the sky.  Thing are more open.  During September Orion’s Belt points to Sirius in the mornings.  You can find them both together right before dawn.  Over the next few months they will be shifting into the night sky.  Sirius is right below Orion.  We have Aldebaran and the Pleiades right above Orion.  The two brightest stars of September are also Vega and Arcturus.

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