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On The Energies…

Happy Equinox! We have shifted into a New Season.  We also have shifted into higher energies within the ascension.  Expect some major DNA upgrades as we are receiving a huge influx of Galactic Energies/ Energies directly from our Central Sun.  The veil between our world, and the spirit world is getting thinner and thinner.  That means things are more open psychically right now.  Trust the clarity you’re getting on things.  Equinox’s are powerful portals, and also crossing points.  It’s also a Fairy Gateway.  The Equinox is a time of balance.  It’s a time to connect with the Harvest Queen and the Earth Mother.  The Autumn Equinox marks the Goddesses passage into the Underworld.  The Goddess is turning from Mother to Crone.  We now begin our descent into the Autumn and Winter.  During this time we can more easily cross or travel between worlds.  Expect more dreams, visions, and even astral travel experiences.  It’s all about the Harvest and finding Gratitude.  You may be noticing more spirit signs, angels numbers, and downloads.  You’re receiving lots of messages right now! It’s a great time to be connecting with the spiritual.  Expect huge shifts over the next 3 weeks in a positive way! These energies are amazing to tap into for healing and manifesting too! Equinox’s bring a lot of activation energies.

art: @shinewonderland

On The Energies…

We are in high frequency energies as we prepare for the Equinox.  Expect major timeline shifts and clearing of old baggage.  You’re releasing a lot of outworn energies and cycles.  These higher energies are highlighting any blockages, wounds, and old karma that you’re still holding on too.  This means old fears, or negativity may be coming to the surface.  Many are struggling to let go of the 3d reality, or the 3D experience.  In order to shift to a higher timeline, you will have to start over.  5D is calling.  If there is a shift you are being guided to make, it’s time.  Today Venus is at her brightest.  This is meant to bring positive shifts to your love life.  We are also shifting into Libra Season.  This means romance is in the air.  Libra is the sign of balance, relationships, and justice.  Libra Season is all about relationships.  It also brings us a chance to clear or wrap up old karma.  Venus is also Conjunct Juno until Oct 8th.  Juno rules lasting marriage and business partnerships.  That means over the next several weeks the energies are helping us to see if things are simply a short term relationship, or potentially a good long-term fit.  This is the space to think about your future and what you want.  Relationships are being highlighted.  So is marriage.  It’s time to clear the relationships that are not really going anywhere.  These energies are helping us to get where we need to be in matters of love.


On The Energies…

Happy Virgo New Moon!  Let’s just say we are receiving a lot of plasma energies right now.  This New Moon is extra powerful as it’s supercharged with the energies of the Equinox.  Things are shifting.  You’re letting go of the old.  There is much you have outgrown lately.  This Moon is about letting go and starting anew.  This Virgo New Moon is so strong for what you’re manifesting.  It’s time to be putting your intentions out there.  We still have lots of Planets Retrograde, however good news Mercury is shifting direct.  Things are getting more clear.  Being in lots of Retrograde energy can have us delving back into the past.  This is how we heal old wounds.  Pay attention to old things that may be surfacing.  This Virgo New Moon is reminding us that there is magic in everyday life.  We are in the last week of Virgo Season.  It’s all about self care and getting yourself sorted.  New Moons are a time for cleansing your energy.  Don’t forget to be cleansing your home too!!  It’s a great time for a recharge and getting focused on your goals and the path ahead.  This is the last New Moon before Eclipse Season begins.  Spiritually, New Moons symbolize hope and new beginnings.  Next week brings the Equinox.  This shifts us into a New Season, and brings with it a huge influx of New Energies.  It also shifts us into Libra Season and the darker, colder part of the year.  Energetically, the Autumn Equinox is a time of balance and pause.  You put out there what you want to manifest with this Virgo New Moon, and it will appear in your life for the Equinox.

art: @sheseesthestars