On The Energies…

We are feeling the energies of the Equinox already.  Each season is different and brings different lessons.  The veil between our world, and the spirit world is getting thinner and thinner.  Equinox’s are powerful portals and also crossing points.  We have many leaving, and many preparing to cross over now, this is very much doing something.  The Equinox is a time of balance.  A time to connect with the Harvest Queen and the Earth Mother.  The Autumn Equinox marks the Goddesses passage into the Underworld.  Once in the Underworld Persephone is then reunited with her husband Hades.  If you are single, or in a separation this could indicate new love coming, or a Twin Flame reunion.  We now enter the Underworld time of the year.  The Goddess is turning from Mother to Crone.  A time where we can more easily cross or travel between worlds.  Expect more dreams, visions, and even astral travel experiences.  The world is now beginning it’s descent into the Autumn and Winter. It’s all about the Harvest and finding Gratitude.  You may be noticing more and more spirit messages coming through.  This may look like you missing your loved ones, or seeing signs.  It could look like being guided together, or to speak with others.  Healing coming in many forms.  This could look like Angel Signs or just sensing and feeling certain energies around you.  The signs that your picking up on, and seeing, will play a huge role in your awakening.  They will help to open you up to more magic.  Lots of message coming through from Heaven right now.

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