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On The Energies…

This weeks Aquarius Full Moon, which is July 23rd/ 24th will be extra powerful.  This Full Moon is going to help take us into the Energies of Leo Season and the Lions Gate Portal.  Leo Season starts July 23rd.  We are very much needing the fire and the fierce vibes it will bring.  Expect some major boosts in the energy this Leo Season.  It’s a great time to get passionate about something you can do that’s creative.  The Lions Gate Portal opens from July 28th to August 12th.  The Lions Gate will peak on 8/8.  During the 8/8 Portal the star Sirius moves super close to the Earth and aligns with Orion.  We can expect an energetic shower of light codes to steam into the Earth.  We are able to use these to bring through healings and activations.  It’s a great time to work with the Energies of Sirius or Orion.  The rest of July will bring some major growth.  Some of you may be making Big Shifts or shedding energies that are no longer in alignment with your path.  Go with the flow and have some fun! This month also brings us a Triple Meteor Shower.  July 30th we are still in the Piscis Austrinid Meteor Shower, and the Southern δ-Aquariid & α-Capricornid Meteor Showers both peak.  This is going to add to the Manifesting Energies.  Many of you have been guided to rest more over the past week.  Your body is integrating a lot of Energies.  This is to prepare you for the Upgrades coming with the rest of the month.  It’s a great time to get back on track with your manifesting.  Expect positive financial shifts over the next week.  Make sure your putting in the work to make that happen though.  This week’s Aquarius Full Moon is going to help you get back on track with things.  This Full Moon will also be assisting with the collective in a major way.  Many of you are being guided to help with the collective in some type of way.  This Full Moon will really help those of you that are on a mission, or are being guided to begin one.

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On The Energies…

Today is the final Eclipse of Eclipse Season.  Our Gemini New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, called the Ring Of Fire.  This Solar Eclipse will open up a new cycle of Energies that will last unto the next Eclipse Season in November.  This is the best time of the month to stargaze.  It’s a great time to see galaxies and stars as there will be less moonlight in the way.  We can expect daytime meteors this week too.  We are still in the Arietid’s Meteor Shower until June 24th.  Things are still continuing to peak today.  You may see shooting stars.  The energies of the New Moon, combined with these, will really add a boost to your manifesting.  It’s all about the New Earth right now and aligning with these higher frequency energies.  Today’s Eclipse and the Summer Solstice both align with Orion.  On the Solstice our Sun will rise with Orion.  That makes this a great time to connect with and heal the energies of the masculine that may be coming up.  Father’s Day happens to fall on the Solstice.  Many Spirit messages will be coming through if you have a masculine in the other realm.  During the Summer Solstice, at sunrise, Stonehenge and the Pleiades will align.  This is a Poweful Galactic Alignment.  Certain Galactic Alignments activate certain Sacred Sites.  The Pleiades are a key that unlocks Stonehenge.  It’s one of the only sites that is encoded specifically for the Summer Solstice.

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On The Energies…

We are going to be really feeling last nights New Moon energy through the rest of the week.  We are still in an Aquarius Stellium through the rest of the month.  Yesterday and today are the strongest days of this Stellium.  All of the planets are completely aligned.  A Stellium really is it’s own Energy Portal.  That means we are making big Shifts right now! We also have a ton of Galactic Energies coming into the planet right now.  We have lots of energies streaming in from Sirius, Orion, Mintaka and the Pleiades.  These High Frequency Light Codes are bringing lots of Light Body Upgrades with them.  We are going up in frequency fast.  If your a Starseed you are probably really feeling these energies.  Remember the trick is to stay High Vibe.  This months energy can be intense as we continue to have a lot of different energies coming in, and lots of powerful alignments.  In a few days Saturn will Square Uranus.  This is the first of three times this alignment will happen this year.  This will be bringing lots of New Energies with it.  Uranus happens to be the ruler of Aquarius.  It’s known as the awakener and is all about freedom.  Saturn is our karmic teacher and is all about structure and rules.  We are going to feel a lot of tension between these two energies as they collide.  This month is assisting us in clearing the old and moving forward with a new perspective.

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