On The Energies…

Make a wish on a shooting star, or better yet on Halley’s Comet today.  It’s the peak of the Orionids Meteor Shower.  The next couple of weeks ahead are all about what you’re manifesting.  You should be putting your positive intentions and dreams out there for the path ahead.  Your body may be calling you to self care this weekend as a week from today we close out this Eclipse Gateway we are in, with our Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  That Full Moon is our Hunter Moon and very much also aligns with Orion.  Oct 29th and Oct 30th our Moon aligns with the Pleiades.  Expect a lot of Pleiadian energies with this next Eclipse.  Taurus is Home to the Pleiades.  The Moon will be super charged with the energies of the Pleiades.  It also makes this next Eclipse on the 28th a lot calmer.  It’s pushing you to wake up and to tap into more of your purpose.  These energies are healing you so that you can fully manifest your soul’s purpose on Earth.  We are about to shift into Scorpio Season.  We continue through our huge yearly clearing of energies that we are doing.  It’s time to release the past more fully.  Pay attention to what is coming up for you specifically at this time.  All about clearing negative energies and ascending into higher frequency energies right now.  Pay attention to the Insight and guidance that you’re receiving.  You will be getting more through as the veil is very thin through the rest of the month.  Take care of your body and your energy thru the rest of this month.

art: @shinewonderland

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