On The Energies…

We are moving through the energies of this week’s Pleiadian Portal.  It’s already kicked off some solar winds that will join it.  We are in a powerful Pleiadian Alignment right now.  Right now the Sun, and our Earth are in perfect alignment with the Pleiades.  This is an alignment that happens twice a year May 15th-23rd and November 15th- 23rd.  These two portals come as a pair.  They are very much a twin flame pair.  Back in May the Pleiades began to rise with the Sun on Beltane.  The Sun at that point began a 6 month dance with the Pleiades.  They always form an infinity shape too.  During the May Alignment it’s time to connect with the energies of the Sun.  During the November Alignment it’s a time to connect to the energies of the Stars.  This Gateway brings some powerful DNA upgrades.  The energies of either Pleiadian Alignment very much prepare us for the Solstice.  These are very much energies for the heart, so expect a lot of heart chakra activation with them.  There is also extra magic in the air that can be felt everywhere.  The Pleiades are also known as the stars of Hathor.  Right now we are also feeling the energies of Friday’s Taurus Full Moon.  This is also a Lunar Eclipse that is very much aligned with the Pleiades.  These energies are here to take us higher.  Tonight we have a beautiful alignment happening where we can see Orion and  the Pleiades above it.  Below it we can see Sirius.


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