On The Energies…

Monday night the waves are going to start.  This week takes us is through some huge Cosmic Energies.  Some of you may feel the frequencies rising even faster.  That’s why you may want to do some extra self care, or rest today.  We are in the last week of Scorpio Season.  This Scorpio Season has helped us to clear a lot.  Nov 21st kicks off Sagittarius Season.  It’s going to bring a lot of positive energies.  Sagittarius is always super uplifting.  It’s influence may encourage you to travel.  Many of you are hearing the call to adventure right now.  This may get stronger during Sagittarius Season. Pay attention if your being drawn to, or guided to visit certain places.  This month as the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio reawaken we can expect it to shake things up.  It’s also activating our inner desires.  Expect major plot twists this month.  It’s an amazing time to start a new chapter of to flip the script.  With Mars in Scorpio you may be craving union.  This may be intensifying some connections.  We have the Planets all about relationships right now.  The Planets have been working hand in hand with Scorpio Season to clear the old and to take us into the new.  Today is so important, as Juno, the asteroid of marriage, follows behind Venus in entering Capricorn.  The end of November may be making things feel more serious because of this transit, but it will be bringing some romantic vibes.  We are officially in Eclipse Season again too.  Nov 19th we have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.  This Eclipse Season may get loud for those of you that have been ignoring your guidance.  Taurus can be one of the strongest signs of the zodiac.  It’s also one of the most sensual signs.  We have the Planets of Love aligning with an Eclipse set to unlock our Destiny.  At the same time we are set to pass through a Pleiadian Portal while being showered with the Leonids Meteor Shower.  We have moved into a powerful Pleiadian Alignment.  That Portal is open now, and will peak fully Nov 17th- 19th.  During that time the Sun and the Earth will fully align with the Pleiades.  The Leonids are bringing a pinch of Leo to the party.  This meteor shower will be peaking Nov 16th- 17th, but stays active through the rest of the month.  This one is kicking off it’s own storm.  It’s known to bring meteor storms, and that’s just what it’s doing.  Expect a beautiful display of shooting stars.  You can catch the stars falling like the rain right now.  Expect fireballs, and lots of Blue Galactic looking Lights this week!

art: @ramonlaasc

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