On The Energies…

Tonight’s Cancer New Moon is super powerful as it’s charged with the energies of this weeks 7:7 Portal.  We are going to continue to see a huge surge of Galactic Energies with tonight’s Cancer New Moon.  Expect the energies of Sirius to continue to be really felt this month.  We are still very much in the middle of Cancer Season, so these Energies will help us anchor into it furtherly.  This New Moon may be really shaking things up in your life.  Cancer is the Mother of the zodiac, it’s the Divine Feminine.  If you have karmic wounds around the Feminine, these energies may be pulling them up for you to heal at this time.  It’s a great time to work on your connection with your mother or any sisters you may have.  Cancer is also the only sign ruled by the Moon.  That makes this New Moon extra powerful.  We are going to be feeling these energies a little extra.  Cancer is a master manifestor that is incredibly intuitive.  You may be feeling more open emotionally or even more empathic.  If your picking up on other people feelings or emotions make sure your doing more energy clearing work.  If your feeling over emotional know your meant to channel it into something positive.  Expect an increase in synchronicity right now.  Make sure your really reading the signs.  They may come to you through things your hearing, seeing, or in your dreams.  This Cancer New Moon is all about Self Care and doing some Cleansing.  Make sure your home and energy is really clean and clear.  It’s a great time to do some energy work and saging.  Tonight’s Cancer New Moon is also extra powerful for setting intentions and manifesting.  It’s a great time to make a crystal grid.  This can help you harness the energies of the New Moon.  It’s very important that your really taking care of yourself right now.  Expect the upgrades to really continue this month.  July is also an amazing month for seeing shooting stars and meteors.

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