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On This Weeks Energies…

What a week of cosmic energies we have ahead of us!  We have some big shifts coming.  We have Mercury shifting retrograde Thursday.  So make sure your communicating clearly.  Sometimes people tend to get mixed messages.  We can expect a lot of clearing with the throat chakra during this time.  Saturday we have the Summer Solstice.  This is a massive gateway!  This will be a huge level up, especially for anyone in a relationship.  The light codes are already pouring in.  A lot of people are already feeling how powerful these Solstice energies are.  These waves of light are activating our light bodies.  Many may be experiencing flu like symptoms or even purging from these energies.  Because we are still in Retrograde Season we are cleansing and healing a lot of past, and past life traumas.  Sunday we shift into Cancer Season.  This is also a New Moon In Cancer.  This element represents the Moon and the Divine Feminine.  It’s also the Ring of Fire Eclipse.  We can expect this to be a very emotional shift.  As we are being hit with these energies we are releasing a lot of old emotions and subconscious programs that are no longer serving us.  You may be noticing your clearing a lot in your sleep as well.  You may be processing a lot in the dreamstate, or may be just having really vivid dreams.  It’s time to let go of the past.  We should be setting intentions for the new during this time.  We have been waiting for this for so long to! 2020 will be intense for many, but it’s meant to bring with it a powerful reset.

We are doing an online live guided meditation for the Solstice Saturday.  You just sign up and we sign you to the group we are using.  This will be a powerful transmission…


photo credit: zsofi molnar

New Moon Solar Eclipse..

We have the energy of this New Moon in Cancer being amplified by the incoming Solar Eclipse energy.  Emotions may be running high as we continue to reactivate our spiritual software.  For to long humanity has been far to comfortable being cut off from the senses.  Many of you spent a long time numbing how you feel, not understanding we must feel the spiritual.  As your physical body is recalibrating your holding more and more Source light.  As your frequency is shifting higher many blockages are being released.  This pair of Eclipses this will create an energetic reset.  This will start a new energetic cycle.  This energy is the time to seed a better intent.  This is a powerful Ascension Gateway.  This astrological alignment is amazing for manifesting.  We have 5 planets in retrograde with Mercury set to join them.  This energy is pushing you to dig deeper within.  See the patterns of programming not serving you and release them once and for all.  Whatever you are working on now is what you will need to complete this energetic cycle which will complete in January 2020 with the next Eclipse season.

I am doing Lightbody Upgrades with this Eclipse energy.  Here is the link to sign up..