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Indigos/ Blue Rays

Once your following your soul mission and purpose you’ll come more and more into focus with the other lightworkers.  This time we came here as a group to do this.  A specialized group of Galactic Souls were sent to help humanity and the Planet.  Volunteers who unlike a lot of the souls here, chose to incarnate here during this time.  Many of these souls have been awake a long time.  They are here to wake up, and to work with the rest.  They won’t look like you think.  You’ll have to feel there vibration.  They give off a Galactic Energy Signature.  These souls have much harder paths.  These souls descended straight to the bottom.  They took on the hardest karma to clear.  They experienced the worst of the worst, as there training on Earth.  These are Blue Rays that are specialized in DNA repair.  They are advanced souls carrying Galactic Coding within there DNA.  These souls are often outcast or prefer to be alone, but it’s a blessing to have learned with them.  They can clear the worst of the worst issues.  Any karma they did take on was to clear for the good of the collective here on Earth.  They are also the ones that are holding the templates for the New Earth.  Many have huge visions of the New and what to do to bring it down into the physical.  These souls have already exited the matrix and vibrate in higher frequency enabling them to exist here on Earth, but to reside in/ living in higher dimensions.  This group of souls is meant to find each other connecting.  That energy is being exchanged within this higher grid and circulated around the world.  These are advanced energy workers.  They came together from many distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies.  They still carry the energy from there home planet.  They also came with there Star Family.  Many Galactics behind the scenes working towards Planet Earth’s Ascension.  The Ascension Ground Crew are working tirelessly.  Many of these souls are here to channel energy.  They are here to elevate the rest of the collective.  If you are one of these souls you’ll be feeling an overwhelming call to help during this time.  To step up and to be of service in some way.

On The Energies…

We have our soul gifts activating.  Right now we are continuing to receive DNA activations.  We will continue to move through a huge influx of Ascension Energies over the next 48 hours.  The next 48 hours we are in a heightened space for manifesting and healing.  These are Galactic energies being sent to help the Planet.  These energies are shifting the entire Planet into a higher spiritual vibration.  They are awakening and activating your Starseed DNA.  Much of your DNA is connected to your purpose, gifts, past lives, and your higher ascension templates.  As your DNA does activate it will awaken psychic abilities.  If you have gifts your aware of, make sure your really working with them.  These energies are activating your intuitive gifts.  Many of you are feeling and sensing energies more.  This means you should be really feeling the connections around you on a deeper level.  You may notice your losing people around you.  Your becoming more sensitive to your soul taking on karma.  Some of this is shifting into a new higher frequency.  You may have gifts activating, and may or may not, even realize it yet.  That’s why we should be working on further developing our spiritual gifts.  The senses are becoming more heightened.  The way your seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling things will become much sharper.  Once your third eye is open and activated your tapping into clairvoyance.  The ability to tune in with your third eye.  It’s an inner vision.  Many of you can remotely tune into things now.  That’s why many of you are having more dreams and visions during this time.  Your connecting more and more with the spiritual realms.  You should also be becoming much more empathic.  You should be feeling the collective energies.  That your connected to everyone and everything.  Many of you are feeling inspired to help the Planet on some level.  Missions of the New Earth are being birthed in this space.  You may be opening up more telepathically.  You may notice this with the people closest to you.  You may also be receiving telepathic communication/ or downloads from the spirit world.  You may be receiving more guidance, knowledge, or even just a knowing.  You may be much more open to other peoples energies and emotions.  You should be able to feel how they are feeling, or what they are going through.  That’s why it’s important that your having good boundaries and that you are keeping your solar plexus more clear.  Energy healings and energy clearings can help with that.  Make sure your keeping your energy clear.

On The Energies…

We just had a solar explosion go off.  It has hurled a CME towards us.  We have an unstable sunspot that will be turning to face Earth later this week.  Venus happened to be passing the Sun at the same time that latest blast went off.  That means we are feeling these energies extra.      That also means more are coming.  We are also feeling the energies of the 1/11 Portal.  This portal is shining a light on our love life and finances.  We are very much feeling the influence of that Venus blast right now.  We are in such a heightened space energetically.  We are instant manifesting right now like never before.  Anything your thinking of will materialize.  The energies of the 1/11 Portal are helping us to anchor into 2022.  This is the space where you get excited about your year ahead.  You have so much space and potential to create something new.  This week we also have a powerful alignment happening with our Milky Way.  Jan 13th- 16th the Moon will cross the Winter Hexagon and the Milky Way.  The Winter Circle is made up of six stars, each of it’s own constellation.  We have Sirius, Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Castor & Pollux, and Procyon shining down on us.  That means we are going to continue to be having extra Galactic Energies pouring in this week as the constellations of Canis Major, Orion, Taurus, Auriga, Gemini, and Canis Minor align.  The Milky Way also cuts through the winter hexagon as well.  That makes this week an amazing time to check out the stars, you may be able to see our whole Milky Way Galaxy.  Jan 17th we have a Cancer Full Moon.  This is the Wolf Moon.  This Full Moon will help take our intuition to new heights.  It’s a great time to be tapping into your inner guidance right now.  It’s also a great time to be brave and to forge a new path.  Many of you are Indigo Souls.  You came here to break the karmic chains for humanity.  You are wayshowers for humanity.  If your feeling guided to make a new path, or a new way, forge or follow it.  This Full Moon is bringing extra light so it will make your path more clear.

photo: @rodrigoterren