On The Energies…

You may want to slow down and rest up today.  Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  It’s the Spring Equinox.  Just as there is a shift in the seasons happening, there is a shift in the energies happening.  During the Spring Equinox we get hit with the most solar wind.  The Sun extra activates the Earth right now and the Ley Lines.  The Equinox is the best time to catch the Milky Way, the Galactic Center, the Zodiacal Light, and Auroras.  We align with the Galactic Center kicking off Milky Way Season.  We also have a chance to see the Zodiacal Light right now.  This is interplanetary dust lighting up the sky.  The best time to see the Zodiacal Light is after twilight around the Spring Equinox.  It’s a great chance to see Auroras.  They always amp up during the Equinox’s.  We are still in last years Aurora Season until Apr 21st.  We usually see the better auroras now since it’s approaching the end of the season.  This is a huge time to celebrate.  The Equinox acts as a massive Galactic Stargate.  This is a Huge Fairy Gateway too.  The Sun is coming back, expect the flowers, bees, birds, and butterflies to return.  The Equinox aligns with the March 21 Aries New Moon.  Expect a Cosmic Reset with this one.  Extra amplified energies too shifting us into New Energies.  We also begin to align with the Pleiades for a dance that weaves thru Beltane, completing with the Summer Solstice.  March 25th our Moon aligns with the Pleiades.  April 11th Venus aligns with the Pleiades.  April 9th and April 10th Venus aligns with the Pleiades.  April 22nd our Moon aligns with the Pleiades. This means as the Pleiades activate our Moon you’ll tap into more of your own intuition and psychic abilities.  This means your love life will also be receiving some major upgrades over the next month.  The next month ahead will bring some major activations for any Twin Flames.


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