On The Energies…

We are going to continue to feel the Ascension Energies pouring in over the next couple of days.  Yesterday’s 222 Portal is still open and very much active.  This Gateway is extra powerful as we have a Full Moon in Virgo this weekend.  We also have tons of incoming Solar Winds, which are powerful combined with the Galactic Energies.  These Waves of Energies are full of Light Codes.  They carry the Blueprints we need for our Ascension.  This week will continue to bring some powerful DNA Activations and Light Body Upgrades.  The energy of the 222 Portal was meant to bring us back into balance.  This Gateway is also meant to better open us up to more Angelic Assistance.  This week is bringing some Big Shifts with it within the collective grids.  You should be feeling things really lighten up collectively, as we make some very Positive Shifts.  This weekend’s Virgo Full Moon is just what we need to anchor in these Higher Frequency Energies.  It’s a really good time to work on Grounding your energy or to be connecting with the Earth.  This Snow Moon is the last Full Moon of the month and of the Winter! This Moon is all about purifying and healing.  It’s a great time to start with some Spring Cleaning, or to be doing more Spiritual Cleansing.  This week will remain a massive Manifestation Portal.  This week’s energy is meant to prepare us for the Spring Equinox.  The Equinox will be bringing some big energies with it.  Expect a ton of Messages and Downloads in all forms.

art: @ramonlassc

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