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New Languages of Light

As these new influxes of light are hitting our planet, and our DNA is being activated, new languages are coming through. A lot of you are being asked to focus on symbols or light languages. But even those will become outdated as a new energy centered telepathy is achieved. Words will no longer be used, as telepathy is centered around images. Your being asked to draw the symbols your bringing back from your dream or meditation experiences. Each image is a doorway into your memory bank. Use these images to access your Akashic records through meditation.

Fighting The New World Order

For those of you that don’t know me, hi my name is Robin. I am a lightworker that is here on a mission with my twin flame, in fact I’m here on a mission with my soul group. We came here to save humanity. At this point I am completely service-to-others with anything I do. For anyone that is new to my page or doesn’t know me I do not intend to spread fear. In fact that isn’t a notion I am familiar with at this time. I guess it depends on where you at in your awakening process as to how you will perceive my posts. We need more people to wake up for things to shift. Remember everyone else is you so work on healing and integrating these past aspects of yourself into your mission. If we are not sharing the truth out of fear of causing fear aren’t we just continuing to live asleep? Everything is going to be exposed right now. Those choosing to keep separating and dividing us are already dying as we speak. So I get that my style might offend some people, but we can’t keep expecting to build something on top of lies. We have learned valuable lessons from our past and other civilizations we all witnessed being destroyed. Anything not of truth is being dismantled and we must learn how to work together. I don’t get how my posts can be offensive.. are you not offended by the fact that we are allowing evil forces to run our world. Look around, your meant to be upset with your captors, not the people here to free you.

Soul Contracts

Let’s talk about my experience with soul contracts. This is an area that I’m especially knowledgeable with now. I incarnated into this planet with my twin flame, this is the hardest mission we will ever have. I had many soul contracts with many people this life. We choose our entire lives before we come here. We make contracts so to ensure that we end up with the right people at the right time. A lot of these contracts are centered around clearing up karma from past lives. You can actually learn to assess your soul contracts so that you can reassess them while you are here. I personally have cleared any karmic ties holding me here. I only have one contract left that I am working on and it’s a contract with my twin flame to have two kids when we reach the new earth. Well we have renegotiated all of our soul contracts and have decided to wrap ourselves up in contracts infinitely so ensure we can continue to learn in higher dimensions together. You are all so powerful, take control of your own lives, it’s amazing!

So Glad To Be Back With My Twin Flame

Twin Flames SeparatedIt’s the weekend for us! I’m back with my flame after a very rough day. I couldn’t be more grateful! Sometimes the hardest things are the most worth it. Love isn’t easy, in fact I spent my whole life preparing for this relationship. But having completed myself as a person so I could draw my flame back to me is something I’m constantly amazed with. We are so grateful to be of service to all of you, and our first priority will be helping you all manifest your dreams!