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Energy Update…

We are in the eye of the storm.  This is the third day in a row we have been in a massive stream of ascension energies.  This energy really will continue to build up towards tomorrow’s Full Moon In Aries.  This Full Moon is the Harvest Moon and is bringing some powerful energy with it.  The Harvest Moon is aligned with the power of the Equinox.  We also have a ton of solar winds hitting us right now.  The light codes are continuing to pour in.  These geomagnetic storms, we are in now, are having quite the effect on the Earth’s magnetic field.  Let’s just say this energy is making things more magnetic.  This means we are manifesting whatever we are thinking about going through these shifts.  Just be mindful that we have a lot coming up within the shadow as we are moving through these energies.  We have more healing to do and we have the perfect alignments to help us do just that.  Expect some massive upgrades over the next couple of months.  The rest of 2020 will be to prepare us for December’s Solstice Event.  This Full Moon in Aries is also conjunct Chiron.  Chiron is the wounded healer and may be digging around in your past or in your family connections.  Expect any old wounds to surface. We are going to continue to purge and release a lot as the energies continue to go up.  The negative is clearing, and this goes for people to.  Trust the process if people are leaving.  The masculine is also going through a lot of upgrades and clearing within the solar plexus as we still have Mars Retrograde.  There is a lot of karma clearing and you may be feeling it in the astral or in the dreams that your having.  Pay attention to the things that are surfacing.  Emotions may be running high with this shift so it’s a good time to chill out and integrate your upgrades.  We are going through some massive lightbody and DNA upgrades right now.  We have some amazing energetic shifts ahead of us as we shed September and step into October.  On the 2nd Venus enters Virgo.  This will be a powerful shift for any lightworkers or starseeds.  This alignment will be reminding you that your here for service.  The theme this week will be self care, helping others, and stepping fully into your purpose.

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Shifting Into The New Earth…

We are seeing such a massive influx of energy.  A crack has opened up in the Earth’s magnetic field.  We have a ton of solar wind pouring in.  This means we are less protected and feeling more of these energies.  This is actually really common around the Equinoxes.  Of course things are continuing to intensify as the ascension energies continue to increase.  The Autumn Equinox is less then three weeks away.  We have tons of light codes steaming in straight from Source.  These are highly charged waves of plasma energy that are changing reality as we know it.  The entire planet is making an ascension.  We are shifting into higher states of consciousness.  Literally higher dimensions.  Many have already become multidimensional and will now help the rest.  This energy is causing a shift within your DNA, your activating.  As your DNA is being switched on your light body is also activating.  We were taught that 98% of our DNA was junk DNA.  Yea, they told us our entire blueprint was garbage.  That actually shows that they understand less then 2% when it comes to DNA.  Things couldn’t be further from the truth.  As we are reactivating our strands and shifting back to our original blueprints we are reconnecting with Source.  We are once again activating our spiritual gifts and abilities.  This process of reactivation is the ascension process.  Ascension is an ongoing process that we must continue to work at.  These energies are here to help us.  This crystalline energy, or even the upgrades we are going through, may be making you sleepy at the moment.  As we are activating our DNA sometimes we need more rest and meditation.  You may even be feeling DNA activation symptoms.  You may be feeling headaches, or more aches and pains, mood swings, low in energy, or bursts or tons of energy, an increase in psychic, spiritual, or energetic sensitivity, food sensitivities, sleep issues, or even intense dreams.  September is going to bring with it a lot of energy, as it brings the Equinox.  It’s a good time to really go within for some deep reflection.  There are also new codes coming in for the grid.  As things are collapsing within the old, new templates are being formed.  It’s the perfect time to get some work done or to bring some new manifestations through.  We still have a ton of magic in the air.  We can also expect the meteors and fireballs to continue through the weekend.  This is a good time to be doing some clearing on your space, or just your energy.  It’s a great time to sage or just to declutter.

On The Energies…

We had three planets shift retrograde this week.  Many have been feeling the effects of Saturn retrograde, Venus retrograde, and Jupiter retrograde.  Retrogrades are not meant to be a negative thing.  They help us reflect and release on deeper levels.  This Retrograde Season will be bringing up issues from the past.  It’s time to let go once and for all.  This Retrograde Season May be felt a little extra.  Venus is an inner planet, which will be felt most intensely.  Inner planets tend to affect our everyday lives more.  Saturn and Jupiter are outer planets.  The outer planets tend to affect our future paths.  Many may think Venus retrograde is shaking up their love lives.  It’s actually not, it’s helping you view some of your own issues that have been blocking your relationships.  The shift in energies is meant to show you what you should be working on.  We are going to continue to open up to deeper levels with love.  The more we heal and let go of the lighter we become.  Next week we will shift into Gemini Season.  While we are wrapping up Taurus Season it’s important that we are using these energies.  They are powerful for healing the body, uplifting out financial situation, or just taking more time to enjoy things.  This is an excellent time to be decluttering or cleaning things up.  It’s a powerful time to be working with the senses.  You should be feeling extra tuned in to yourself with these energies.

Navigating Eclipse Season..

We have Mercury aligning with Jupiter tonight.  This makes today an extra lucky day.  We are in a powerful space to create.  We have started a new year and are being encouraged to manifest.  We will continue moving forward through this Eclipse Season.  The next Gateway will be the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10th.  This will be a Full Moon as well.  Many are experiencing and living in much higher frequencies now.  We are becoming multidimensional.  This year will be about us stepping into new abilities and learning to navigate the frequencies of the 5th dimension.  We are being asked to stop looking back.  The things we have been carrying around need to be released and healed.  Surrender to where you are now.  Know your in the right place.  Your soul has been guiding you towards an ascension.  With the Eclipse we just went through it’s a powerful time to connect with the Earth.  Get outside, ground, recharge.  We have been absorbing a lot of these energies.  We have a focus on the Earth Star chakra this week.

The Energies Of 2020…

We are going to continue to have a lot of energies streaming in.  I am someone who is very sensitive to these energies.  I can always feel and tell what’s coming.  These energies really just amplify anything already going on.  2020 will be powerful for the collective.  We will continue through this Eclipse gateway until the next Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10th.  This energy is very powerful and we can be using it as we pass through it.  It’s a bridge to the new and the structures of the old will not be able to withstand these new higher frequencies.  We will see a tower moment where many political and financial changes unfold rapidly.  Just as the collective must evolve, so does the physical body.  We will need to change everything we are doing not in alignment with these new energies.  Your body is nothing more then a projection of your spiritual state.  It’s beginning to crystallise.  For any indigos this is the turning point in your story.  Everything you came here for.  For those not flowing in these new states, or for anyone still feeling ascension symptoms it’s time to make some changes.  We have many new areas in our bodies activating.  In the next several months we will be feeling a surge of emotions as we adjust to many new areas activating.  Just as our bodies are going through a huge transformation so are the celestial bodies.  We are going to see some serious Earth changes ahead of us as well.  We are going to see the Sun also continuing to activate and evolve.  For those that have been doing the inner work your needed on your missions.  There is a reason you have had so much extra time to work on yourself.  Those who have not shifted to service may be getting much harder lessons.  This is pure Source energy that will continue to enlighten this Planet.  It goes where it’s needed and is affecting each person on an individual level.  2020 will require us to master manifestation.  This energy is a creative force and it’s important to remember you are writing your own story.  It’s time to get creative.

Portals, Meteors, Fireballs, Shooting Stars, and a Full Moon

We are going through a portal tomorrow for 11/11.  At the same time we will also have Mercury making a rare transit across the Sun.  this is meant to bring an extra lucky energy.  This Full Moon in Taurus is allowing us to instant manifest.  We also have it raining comets on Mercury, as well as in our sky’s.  There will be lots of shooting stars and meteors.  We can expect to see tons of fireballs as well.  Some of these space rocks may even make impact.  Taurus is ruled by Venus.  Goddess of Love.  There is a huge emphasis on slowing down, recharging, self care, and relationships as we make this shift.  While Taurus may easily rule the material, it’s love that’s the focus.  This is a powerful time for love, or stripping away all that’s not love.  The veil is still very thin.  This is what divides us from the seen and unseen.  This is allowing us to tap into our power more.  The energy of the 11/11 portal is increasing the frequencies.  This is powerful for our manifestations.  Stay focused on where you want to go, or with whom you want to be with this shift.  This energy is going to further elevate any relationships.

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11/11 Portal Live Healing Transmission

Shifting Through The 10:10 Portal..

We are getting ready to shift through the 10:10 portal tomorrow.  This storm is now beginning to peak creating an energetic Gateway.  This can be used for powerful things.  We also will have a Full Moon in Aries this weekend, so there is a lot of intense energy in the air.  Humanity is experiencing a spiritual awakening.  We are beginning to understand we are here to create.  These Gateways are powerful for dreaming your manifestations into being, or in receiving them.  Our thoughts and intentions are making up our reality.  This energy will amplify anything your thinking about, even making it your path.  Stay aligned with where you want to be, and importantly who do you want to be? It’s important that we are looking within and finding who we really are during these times.  There will be a lot of Golden light coming with this Full Moon.  Gold light is used to activate the third eye chakra and crown chakra.  It also attracts abundance and wealth.  That makes this an even more powerful energy for putting out positive intentions.  This is a time to get more positive about the future! You have come so far! It’s also a powerful time to work with the element of fire.  Go have a bonfire or burn some sage, for some extra cleansing.

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Entering The Underworld..

We have a lot we need to bring into balance, both individually and collectively. The wheel is turning and we have shifted seasons into autumn. This is meant to be a time of celebration and gratitude for the progress we have made. Because if this weeks Equinox energy the veil is very thin, which has opened up the spiritual for us. We are able to see and feel what has always been there. We are entering the underworld, a time of more darkness then light. This is a space that needs our light the most. There is a lot of purging occurring. We also have a lot of activity with Chiron, bringing up old wounds, or unresolved issues. As this Planet is being hit with more and more light, more and more is coming to the surface. This is a time to clear any attachments. We have a New Moon in Libra Saturday. This is the first New Moon after the Equinox and the start of a new Lunar Month. This will also open a powerful gateway. New Moons are always a portal to new realities, so our intention is very important in determining where we shift to. This Moon is also a Super Moon, so it’s powerful time for manifesting. This is a time to align and restore your energy. We have a lot of Venus energy as well, which is good for love. This is a time for a fresh start. This is about coming into better alignment with ourselves. The balance we seek with others must first be found within. We will see some amazing things in the sky this month. The Autumn Equinox puts us in the perfect position to see more auroras and sunsets. Part of us finding balance within ourselves, will be us finding more balance with nature. It’s an amazing time to get outside and ground.

Energy Report…

We have been going through some powerful energetic shifts. This is a space between Gateways. We have just passed through the 9/9 Portal and and are headed into the Autumn Equinox Gateway. We are doing a lot of upgrades and releasing this week to be ready for the Equinox. This is a good time to integrate as we prepare for the next shift. The Equinox will bring with it some powerful light code activations. There is a powerful transformation occurring. Neptune has been influencing the energies in a huge way! Some are noticing we are instant manifesting the things we are focusing on. This is a time to be daydreaming. The law of attraction is real and we draw to us what we think about. This energy is helping us shift how we see reality. Perception is everything and the veil is thinning more and more. Neptune is assisting us with our spiritual sight. We have many new psychic senses coming online. Many of you are hearing frequencies or are becoming very energy sensitive. Many are having headaches, body aches, sleep disturbances, increased empathy and sensitivity, or other ascension type symptoms. This is our body adjusting to these influxes of high frequency energies. We have a huge influence with Chiron this week. This is pushing the Divine Feminine to release their karmic past. We must release the things no longer never serving us to make space for these new energies. Autumn is about letting go. There is a cosmic upgrade that is occurring and as you shift into the next version of yourself you have some more releasing to do. These are powerful shifts and a powerful time for our intentions to manifest.

I will be doing a transmission for the Autumn Equinox. This will be a powerful meditation and healing.



Energy Update..

We still have lots of energies coming in.  We are still at a k3 index with this geomagnetic storm.  We have had lots of energy hitting us, so we have a lot to integrate.  This is a powerful time for our manifestations.  We have done a lot of clearing and purging and are adjusting to higher frequencies.  A lot of people still have a lot of old timelines colliding with the new.  This is about making that deeper shift within.  We will only ever go as far as our deepest dreams.  Part of having this spiritual awakening is to become consciously one with what your creating.  This energy is pushing you towards what best aligns with you.  This is about us realising our thoughts and intentions are the vibrations that make up our reality.  We will continue to have lots of energy hitting us the next few days.  These energies are infused with the codes you need for your awakening.  As we integrate these new energies we are losing more and more density.  Your physical body is becoming much lighter.  Listen to your body as your making this transition.  Lots of plant based organic foods and self care is recommended as we proceed with this energetic shift.