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On The Energies…

We are going to continue to feel the Ascension Energies pouring in over the next couple of days.  Yesterday’s 222 Portal is still open and very much active.  This Gateway is extra powerful as we have a Full Moon in Virgo this weekend.  We also have tons of incoming Solar Winds, which are powerful combined with the Galactic Energies.  These Waves of Energies are full of Light Codes.  They carry the Blueprints we need for our Ascension.  This week will continue to bring some powerful DNA Activations and Light Body Upgrades.  The energy of the 222 Portal was meant to bring us back into balance.  This Gateway is also meant to better open us up to more Angelic Assistance.  This week is bringing some Big Shifts with it within the collective grids.  You should be feeling things really lighten up collectively, as we make some very Positive Shifts.  This weekend’s Virgo Full Moon is just what we need to anchor in these Higher Frequency Energies.  It’s a really good time to work on Grounding your energy or to be connecting with the Earth.  This Snow Moon is the last Full Moon of the month and of the Winter! This Moon is all about purifying and healing.  It’s a great time to start with some Spring Cleaning, or to be doing more Spiritual Cleansing.  This week will remain a massive Manifestation Portal.  This week’s energy is meant to prepare us for the Spring Equinox.  The Equinox will be bringing some big energies with it.  Expect a ton of Messages and Downloads in all forms.

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An Energy Report…

We are in a space storm!  The solar winds are triggering geomagnetic storms.  These solar winds are increasing.  These are huge waves of highly charged particles of energy.  These energies are upgrading our DNA and activating our light bodies.  We just had an Eclipse which is affecting these energies.  People may be processing these events differently.  Some people may be having some type of DNA activation or ascension symptoms.  Others may be feeling an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance.  People are perceiving more and more of the spiritual.  This can come in the form of orbs, flashes of light, beings from other dimensions, hearing tones or frequencies, knowing or tuning into information.  It’s very important that we are taking care of our bodies right now.  This is a huge shift we are experiencing so it’s very important that we are making healing a priority.  These energies and the effects will continue to get more and more intense as we move forward in this ascension process.  If your having a hard time with the energies make sure your resting.  It’s very important that we are able to tune into our bodies.

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On This Storm..

Friday we had an eruption in the Sun’s Southern Hemisphere.  This sent a CME into space.  This expanding cloud is headed toward Earth.  We can expect for this CME to deliver a blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Wednesday.  This may spark a polar magnetic storm.  These solar winds have just arrived, there was a G1 geomagnetic storm warning issued for today.  This planet is entering a stream of solar wind flowing from a huge hole in the Sun’s atmosphere.  These storms are picking up in intensity as we make this ascension.  These are supercharged particles of energy.  They are weakening the magnetic field of the Earth.  The magnetic field of the Earth is the same as our aura.  All life on this planet is made up of electromagnetic frequencies, containing a field around it.  There are shifts occurring within this field.  The frequencies are rising as we continue making our way through this cleansing phase.  You can see that as the Schumann Resonance is changing so is your state of consciousness.  This is an expansion happening on every level.  Anything your experiencing all of humanity is feeling, including the Earth.  Just as we are breaking free of any programming no longer serving us so is the Earth.  It brings up the question, as we are shaking off these lower frequencies, Will this lead to a pole shift? Our Planet’s poles have shifted reversing many times in the past.  It’s important to remember these past pole shifts coincided with many past groups ascending.  Most notably the Mayans.  

Solar Wind Storm

As I keep saying our planet is moving through uncharted territories of space right now. For about a week we have been in a crazy energetic storm. We were just in a solar wind stream. Earth is now exiting this stream which has caused bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Get ready for another storm! By now you should be familiar with how these energies are affecting all of us. January 12th we will have a full moon, but we also are heading into a storm. This storm is a Gi-class geomagnetic storm. This will bring with it another arrival of solar wind. When the sun’s atmosphere causes a magnetic field to open up, this is a cornel hole. When this magnetic field opens it allows solar winds to escape which hit our planet. Starting the 12th this hole will open up the earth will be in the emerging solar wind stream for a day or two. Now keep in mind the suns job is to reflect Source energy to us.