Solar Wind Storm

As I keep saying our planet is moving through uncharted territories of space right now. For about a week we have been in a crazy energetic storm. We were just in a solar wind stream. Earth is now exiting this stream which has caused bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Get ready for another storm! By now you should be familiar with how these energies are affecting all of us. January 12th we will have a full moon, but we also are heading into a storm. This storm is a Gi-class geomagnetic storm. This will bring with it another arrival of solar wind. When the sun’s atmosphere causes a magnetic field to open up, this is a cornel hole. When this magnetic field opens it allows solar winds to escape which hit our planet. Starting the 12th this hole will open up the earth will be in the emerging solar wind stream for a day or two. Now keep in mind the suns job is to reflect Source energy to us.

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