Hearts For Breast Cancer



Please don’t send me a heart regarding breast cancer and think your doing anything to help. I won’t participate in these sheep activities ever again. I had stage three cancer, so I feel if anyone is coming from a place of experience and can address this it’s me. There have been many cures for cancer. All of them were suppressed by the American Cancer Society so they could keep taking your money to push toxic chemotherapy on people. You can google Burzynski and neoplasms if you don’t believe me. You can check out the legal battle that went on between our government and Burzynski as they used legal maneuvers to keep the cure hidden and out of site, like anything else. Wake up people! Cancer is caused by holding on to toxic emotions such as anger, and everything is a lot simpler with our bodies then we have been led to believe. This is exactly how I am able to help facilitate in the healing of others now.


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