On The Energies…

We are in the 3:3 Portal.  This a powerful Galactic Gateway and a Twin Flame Portal.  Tonight we have a rare Jupiter Venus Conjunction.  We call this Kissing Planets.  They have been shifting closer and closer through February.  Tonight they will come together at their closest for a Celestial Kiss above us.  You’ll get some to see some major Planets in the sky this month.  Tomorrow night Jupiter and Venus hook up again, this time aligning with Chiron.  This is also the 3:3 Portal.  Expect the high frequency energies to continue.  They are bringing in New Earth Light Codes and Activations that we need.  Mar 7th is the Virgo Full Moon.  Virgo is the Healer and Priestess.  It’s all about your body right now.  On that day Saturn also will shift into Pisces.  It will spend the next 2.5 years in Pisces.  Jupiter is also aligned with Chiron.  This will be bringing your healing to the surface a little extra this month.  It’s giving you a chance to recognize and heal old wounds.  Mar 14th we have a Planet Parade as Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus all line up.  They also align with the Pleiades and Orion.  Get outside a little extra this month as the Earth Energies and Grids are so active.  Connecting with nature will help to activate your energy.  In these Cosmic Energies all worlds open up.  Super active time for the Galactics and Elementals.  The energies from now until the Equinox are amazing energies for shifting to higher timelines, and better situations, and realities.  The Spring Equinox is Ostara, which is the second of three Spring Festivals on the Wheel of the Year.  Fairy Festival Days.  It’s officially Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  This year we will have a longer Winter that will extend until Mid March.  It’s an amazing time to clean your space and your energy.  Get rid of things you’re not using in your home.  Palo santo, cedar, sage, and Florida water are all great for clearing the energy of your home.  So important that you’re focusing on what you’re creating now.  We are closing and clearing a lot of past negativity, and all of our old realities.  Many lifetimes of clearing work are coming up now.  It’s a great time to be putting intentions out there for your manifesting.  Remember we are now in a space of instant manifestation.  It’s a great time to be working your Magic.  It’s a great time to be doing prayers for protection.  Today is one of the best days of the year to sow seeds for love and abundance.  You may want to manifest some Spring flowers to freshen up the energy of your home.  It’s a great time for a detox.  Make sure you’re doing vitamins.  Great time for doing herbal teas, make sure you’re adding lots of honey.  March is a great time for DNA Activation and Energy Healing Work.  It’s all about finding balance.  It’s a great time to be spending time with loved ones here, and on the other side.

art: @glitterartss

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