New Moon In Aquarius…

A lot of people are feeling the shift in energies.  The Sun has shifted into Aquarius and we are preparing for Fridays New Moon in Aquarius.  This element is meant to bring about change.  This New Moon is meant to help us in integrating the energies of the last Eclipse.  The frequencies are changing and it’s meant to bring with it a new beginning.  This New Moon may be extra dramatic since it’s occurring right after Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction.  This is about how we are navigating the unseen.  It’s about how we are reacting to things we can not control.  Aquarius is meant to liberate, but for some that may not feel good.  It’s time to really trust this process and the things we are being asked to detach from.  This element will bring with it a lot of high influxes of energy.  We have a huge focus on the third eye and the mind right now.  This air energy may require you to ground a little extra.  Our intentions and dreams we are seeding during the New Moon will really bloom over the next few months.


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  1. Lorraine Batchelor Avatar
    Lorraine Batchelor

    I have always came away withore knowledge n feelings of self worth after reading your terrific posts . I would like to know , I have a beautiful little manifestation crystal set and since I’ve been away from home and my books on LOA, Angels , candle magic oh yeah a few books about our luvly moon and her magical properties I have nearly forgot about putting my crystal set out in the lunar energy of this beautiful moon . I used to put them on my window sill as soon as she appeared to us then take them in only when her cycle was completed as the crystals need cleansed of negative energy they have picked up . Due to illness and lack of sleep I can’t believe I forgot to put them out last night , I can still clranse them under thisoon can’t I ? Ty for sharing your story

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