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Recommending More Healing…

You want to find a good healer.  It’s so important that you are working with a good teacher that has worked through their own ascension process.  This is going to help you so much energetically.  The rest of 2022 is all about doing the healing and activation work.  Ascension moves you into a higher frequency and vibrations.  That means there is a lot to clear within the body as you’re moving through the process.  Energy healing is your best friend right now.  In a basic way all that stored trauma, and old baggage is being pulled to the surface.  If we don’t clear it, it makes you feel tired, weighed down, or sick.  We are moving through some major energies.  You will intuitively know what to be working on.  We can’t take the old into the new.  That means everything will need to be cleared and healed on an energetic level.  A lot of people have spirit or energetic attachments, or parasites affecting their energy.  This is why you may feel triggered or anxious.  A lot of people have major issues around their connections and are needing to cut their cords.  They remain connected to people and situations that are negative or draining for your energy.  A huge red flag is remaining corded or connected to past lovers or people you have had sex with in any way.  Your ascension will need to be the biggest clean up of your life energetically.  Many still have a ton of unresolved karmic debt.  This means past karma still playing out, or being stuck in major karmic cycles.  So many people are still in old 3D programs when it comes to their finances and relationships.  Many of you have allowed your partners to come merge or dump their karma on to you, and then leave.  You have taken on way too much of what was never yours.  You will need to clear and heal the financial and love blocks.  We are clearing so much within the family lines.  We are clearing and healing so many deep layers of trauma.  Deep wounds needing to be acknowledged and worked on.  Most of your issues come from unresolved childhood wounds still playing out within your energy field.  Many of you have been through some serious warefare and even spiritual attacks on your energy.  Many of you still have major spiritual blocks around your abilities, and psychic gifts.  We are also needing to clear, clean, heal, and activate our DNA.  You should be maintaining your energy and spiritual energy regularly.  If you are an empath you are picking up even more.  Empaths are like literal sponges to the energies around them.  You probably need extra protection as well.  It’s so important that you’re clearing and healing things in an energetic level.  I offer so many healing sessions on my website.  I always say go with what you’re guided to when you’re picking any healing sessions.

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On The Energies…

Make sure you’re doing extra self care this weekend.  We are receiving huge influxes of energy right now.  Make sure you’re well rested before you try to pass through the 12:12 Portal.  Right now we have a very active region of the Sun that is spewing a lot of energy at us.  Yesterday we had a wave of these solar winds hit us so hard that they created a hole in the magnetosphere of Earth.  Because of this hole the solar winds will have an easier time getting inside our atmosphere and they can cause an intense solar storm event.  We also probably have another CME headed towards us which could jolt Earth’s Magnetic Field the 12th.  Let’s just say the grids are very active right now.  Expect the 12:12 Portal to be lit this year.  These energies are all about moving you closer to your goals and your manifestations.  The 12:12 Portal is a very special Gateway for any soulmates or Twin Flames.  The 12:12 Portal can help you with finding and manifesting your Twin Flame, awakening the connection to the next level, or healing separation issues.  Expect major DNA and Lightbody Activations over the next week.  The 21st is the Winter Solstice.  We are celebrating Horus, and the other Old Gods.  During the Winter Solstice we are at our maximum tilt away from the Sun.  This will be the longest night of the year.  The Celtic year was divided into two halves, the dark and the light.  This was known as the Light of Arthur, Fire Festival, or Yule meaning Christmas.  We have reached MidWinter.  This is the point where we move out of the darkness and towards the light.  This Solar Alignment shifts us into a cycle of rebirth.  It’s all about our manifestations for the year ahead.  It’s a great time to light some candles, or fairy lights.  It’s also a great time for hanging mistletoe.

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On The Energies…

We start February In less then a week from now.  We will start February with an Aquarius New Moon the 1st.  This will amplify the energies we are already in with Aquarius Season.  This is the time and space to be working on creating the new.  These energies are perfect for dreaming about, or envisioning the future.  This Aquarius Season is meant to be showing you ways you can create a positive change in the world.  These energies are encouraging us to wake up more. Through aligning with our souls plans, or our deeper purpose we can create a lot of positive energy.  Aquarius Season is a great time to create or work on some type of mission of service, or to help in some way.  It’s a great time to work on group projects.  The Feb 1st Aquarius New Moon will not be seen, it will only be felt.  That makes it the best time of the month to stargaze.  This week we continue to have a lot of Galactic Energies coming in from Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades.  Over the next week we are in a continuous stretch of Galactic Activation Portal Days.  That means we are going to receive a huge influx of ascension energies and ascension upgrades.  It’s great flow energies, and amazing energies for healing with.  These energies are great for getting things done or for clearing the past.  These energies are the energies of both 2222 Portals combined.  Expect the energies to stay high, peaking for the 2:2:22 Portal.  This is a powerful space for tapping into the Akashic Records.  Let’s just say things are very open.  Great energies for working on your third eye more.  Many are being guided to unblock, or to balance this chakra, or even to activate it more.  These energies will also be waking up so many across the collective.

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