On This Weeks Energies…

We have a lot going on this week.  We are still enjoying the Beltane energies until the middle of this week.  There is a ton of love and magic in the air.  May will bring with it some massive shifts and upgrades.  We are going into the 5/5 Gateway.  This month the Lunar Nodes will be shifting.  The North Node moves out of Capricorn and into Gemini on May 5th.  This is a huge transition.  The nodes rule our fate.  They also tell us a lot about what we can be shedding to fulfil our destiny.  We can expect this shift to bring with it some major plot twists.  This Gateway will bring with it some powerful energies.  We also have a Full Moon in Scorpio the 7th.  This will wrap up this Supermoon Season.  Many have been feeling the effects of these lunar energies and haven’t been sleeping as good.  This Full Super Moon will bring a huge emotional release for many.  We also have a few retrogrades in our near future.  Saturn is going Retrograde in Aquarius on the 10th, for the first time in 38 years.  We can expect some major transformations to occur.  Venus shifts into Retrograde next week, some can already feel the shadow phase has begun.  This month is all about personal transformation.  It’s a time to really get focused on your energy and your path ahead of you.  We have all of the best energies at play this week.  The theme is love, relationships, abundance, manifesting, and stepping into our destiny.

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Happy Beltane!

We are celebrating Beltane today.  We are half way in between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  This is one of my favourite holidays.  The fire festive of love.  Today we celebrate the marriage of the God and Goddess.  This energy tends to stir up things when it comes to love.  Many are feeling a longing to reunite with their lost beloved.  This next few weeks will be all about our relationships.  Many can feel the magic and love vibes in the air.  Next week will bring a further release of anything blocking us from love.  Many are working on releasing the last pieces of their karma.  This means that many will be coming together into new relationships.  Once meant to heal and elevate them spiritually.  It’s very important that we are also releasing anything blocking us from loving ourselves fully.  The next few months will push us deeper into ourselves.  We are in the realm of the fairies.  We are visiting their dimension at the moment.  This is the best time to get outside and connect with nature.  The elementals are here to teach us about living from the heart and working with the elements.  Stay open to the spiritual during this time.  There are entire worlds we have yet to explore.  Expect to see lots of fairies and spirits during this time.  Some may even see the Green Man.  The veil is very thin right now.  The Earth energy is very active right now as well.  This is also the union between the Earth and Sky.  Some traditions even celebrate Beltane through May 6th.  This energy will take us through next weeks 5/5 gateway.


Love is in the air this week.  We are in my favourite time of year.  Beltane will be celebrated Friday.  This is the wedding of the God and Goddess.  This is a celebration of the new, a celebration of our rebirth.  This energy is all about love, abundance, and fertility.  We are entering into the elemental realms this shift.  Many may feel like we have entered a space past time.  These Beltane energies are leading us into next weeks 5/5 Portal.  We are half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.  During this time the spirit world is closer to our own world.  We are meant to be using this time to come back into balance.  It was thought in past cultures that if people were to attain to much materially the otherworld would take it.  We are seeing a transition of the material.  Much we know will collapse.  This shift we are being asked to step away from the material.  This is a good time to shift your focus to the spiritual.  The veil is extra thin right now. This time of year is all about the Earth.  There is a lot of magic in the air.  Many of you will feel these energy shifts more and more.  Many people will be coming into more and more of their psychic awareness.  This is a powerful time to connect with nature, or to the fairy realms through meditation.

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Pluto Retrograde…

Pluto is shifting into a Retrograde on Saturday and many of you may be feeling this shift.  Pluto is known for breaking down the old to build the new.  Pluto spends 5 months a year in Retrograde.  Pluto is God of the underworld and ruler of power, control, the subconscious, and our shadow side.  We are about to see some huge karmic changes occur with the collective.  This placement is going to assist in bringing anything hidden out into the light and in clearing many of the power struggles that have been playing out.  This shift is also meant to remind you of your own personal power.  We are at an amazing place to be further releasing anything no longer in alignment with our spiritual path.  Pluto contains both a destructive and a creative force.  It’s always up to you as to how your using these energies.  While this energy can be perceived as dark, it’s actually an energy of rebirth and transformation.  This is a time where many will be shown things they need to work on.  Pay attention to the things that are coming up for you.  This energy should shine a light on any underlying fears or desires you may have.  This is a powerful time to detox as well.  We have more purifying to do, so detoxing your physical body will help you be able to tune in better spiritually.  We have a lot of things going on around us.  We are being encouraged to work more on our inner worlds.  We much first make this transformation within.  This is a powerful time to be making big changes.

Live Global Meditation Today!

We are doing a live global meditation today at 3pm UK time.  If your unable to join at that time, the transmission will be available on replay.  You have to sign up to join, once you do you will be sent a link to the Facebook group we using to live stream from. We are in a powerful energy to use today.  We are going to be connecting and working with our higher self.  We will be using crystalline rainbow energies that will bring about a powerful shift.  This is a deep healing and activation.  This Gateway we are able to tap into miracles, better alignment, higher timelines, our star family, and higher states of consciousness.  This meditation will not just heal you, but it assists in healing the collective.  Here is the link to join us..


On The Energies…

The next 48 hours will be very intense energetically.  We are at a k4 index already.  This energy will lead us into the last wave of 444 energy and the closing of that portal.  We also have a New Moon In Taurus which will be anything but subtle.  This third wave of energy also happens to arrive on Earth Day.  Many are feeling these energies and the upgrades they have been bringing with them.  Taurus Season will bring with it some of the most powerful energies of the year.  We can expect anything not aligning with love to fall away during this time.  Too many people need to reprioritise during this time.  This energy will be bringing with it many lessons regarding the materiel.  It also will be pushing us to step into our power.  We are going to see many things play out across the collective in the next several years.  We are seeing a shift in energies as we continue to go up in frequency.  Many are still struggling to adjust to these energies.  Regardless of what it may look like there is a healing that is occurring.  This 444 portal is getting us ready for the many activations coming in May.  This is also a time of the Goddess.  Many people are going to feel an upgrade to their senses during this time as well.

Energy Forecast…

We are seeing an increase in energies.  Yesterday was a Galactic Activation Portal day and many felt the increase in energies.  The Schumman Resonance hit 110 Hz.  It was feeling pretty good.  Many have been struggling with the collective energies.  We have had some intense shifts the past few months.  We have done a huge release.  This Super Moon Season will end May 9th.  We are seeing how powerful four Full Super Moons in a row are.  We are making a massive shift today as we shift from Aries Season to Taurus Season.  This next month will be some of the most powerful manifesting energy of the year.  We still have huge streams of 444 energy coming in.  This month long portal closes Wednesday.  We also have a New Moon In Taurus the same day.  This energy will get us ready for the 5/5 portal.  This gateway will be extra powerful.  This will lead us into some intense energetic upgrades.  We are also preparing for the next Eclipse Season which will be some intense energies.  Many are having a hard time adjusting to these new energies.  We are going through a huge process within the physical body.  These energies are triggering anything that may need to be healed, and that goes for the collective too.  Many are now realising that this comes down to your frequency.  We can expect more and more of these energies.  It will require us to navigate reality differently.  We are going to have to push past the programming and get back to energy.  This energy is awakening many.  We can expect to see a huge transformation occur the next two years.  This will occur individually, but also is becoming more and more apparent across the collective.  These Taurus energies may feel dense to many but they are anything but.  Taurus is a master of their personal energy.  This Taurus Season is a good time to be making power moves, especially when it comes to financial matters or relationships.

On The Energies…

Today is the last day of a 3 day perfect alignment between Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon. You should feel in better alignment. We are shifting out of Aries Season and into Taurus Season this Sunday. The entire Universe is conspiring to assist you. The Planets have been in perfect alignment with your spiritual path. We will continue to go through a lot of growth fast. Many people are feeling challenged during this time. There is a lot coming up for clearing and that goes for the collective too. We are going from the Warrior archetype to the Lover with this shift. Let’s shift the focus from what may be going wrong, to what is going right. This week we are integrating and next week we will pass through and close the 444 portal. This is the third wave of 444 energies and may be the most powerful. We also have a have a New Moon In Taurus next week that will amplify these energies. Taurus has a powerful energy when it comes to relationships, manifesting, and finances. For many if you there are more blocks to clear on these areas. This is the perfect time to do just that. This is a very creative energy. Many are instant manifesting simplify through their thoughts. This is an ability all will master with these new energies. This is a time where miracles are coming through.

Make sure you don’t miss our live global meditation we are doing next week for the last 444 Portal! This gateway will be powerful and will take us into the 5/5 energies. Here is the link to sign up…


An Energy Report…

We have massive waves of incoming energy.  2020 is showing us just what these energies are capable of.  Suddenly people will need to make a shift making their health and energy a priority.  We are seeing the effects of these energies and just what is happening to the physical body.  We are going through a rapid evolution as the collective struggles to keep up with these new energies.  We are going to see a huge restructure of everything we know.  Things will continue to purge politically as the old structures of fear and control are dismantled.  See your evolving so these things have become outdated.  We are in a space where the new is being created.  These new systems will look much different.  We will see the power shift back to the collective.  New systems will be set up.  Everyone will be hooked into a quantum financial system where everyone receives a monthly universal payment.  That shift alone will do wonders, it will take much of the stress off of people.  The education systems will morph into something different completely.  Suddenly the things you need to learn have changed.  Many are realising that the things shut down are no longer needed during this time.  We have reached a frequency of the 5th dimension.  We are now able to instant manifest anything that we want or need.  We are in a massive transition.  The old will collapse into a Galactic society that is highly technologically advanced, yet in harmony with nature.  These energies will continue to take us there.  Today the second wave of 444 energies is coming in.  This is the second wave of three, that we will pass through this month.  April itself is a month long portal.  We will see the third wave on April 22nd with the New Moon In Taurus.  The third wave will close the portal.  Now is the time to simplify your life.  Stay focused on your own path and try to spend a lot of time in gratitude.  Enjoy this space and try to use it for further healing.

Super Full Moon in Libra…

We have a Super Full Moon in Libra tonight.  This is a much needed energy that will bring a lot of balance with it.  Many people have been struggling to process some of the collective events unfolding.  Just know that there is an awakening that will continue to unfold.  We are experiencing a massive expansion in consciousness.  The frequencies are going up.  Many are going through massive internal energy shifts.  These shifts will reflect in their outer realities more and more.  As these Divine energies continue to stream into the Planet more and more will continue to be peeled back.  While things may seem to be getting dramatic, remember it’s needed.  We have people at all different levels of learning and many are just awakening.  We are just seeing more and more of what’s there.  This Full Moon is going to assist us in balancing these energies.  It’s also a Pink Moon! Pink is the colour of universal love.  Many are feeling the effects of the fire that came with Aries Season, so this will bring a refreshing energy to the dynamic.  We have a major focus on relationships during this time.  Air is a powerful element and is meant to assist us in clearing the way.  This is a good time to be getting organised with your life.  It’s a powerful time for spring cleaning.  It’s time to get rid of anything no longer resonating with you.  This is about building a life that is in alignment with who you are spiritually.  Use this space to simplify your life.  It’s time that we are getting back to what is essential.  This weeks energy is powerful for manifesting.  The 4/4 portal has opened a rainbow bridge that will lead us into Easter.  We are in a powerful space for healing.  Use these energies to find a deeper alignment.