Karmic Patterns in Blood

If you have -RH blood you don’t have the same karmic energetic imprints in your blood. That’s the reason this bloodline is being targeted. These blood types have higher sensory abilities. This bloodline is here to activate others. This is why -RH people tend to be manipulated more. This bloodline is often most manipulated through their relationships and may have even experienced a love bite at one time or another. Your karma is written in your blood and in the stars. As above so below.


So true! I’ve never taken DMT, but I’ve had my brain flooded with natural DMT when I died several times this life. DMT is a chemical that is released in our brain when we die. It’s sort of like a bridge between life and death. When we die our brain floods with it and it helps our soul transition out of the body and into the other realm. There is a huge difference between natural DMT and synthetic DMT though. I had it explained to me that it’s like a doorway was opened with me and I would never be able to close it.

Soul Contracts

Let’s talk about my experience with soul contracts. This is an area that I’m especially knowledgeable with now. I incarnated into this planet with my twin flame, this is the hardest mission we will ever have. I had many soul contracts with many people this life. We choose our entire lives before we come here. We make contracts so to ensure that we end up with the right people at the right time. A lot of these contracts are centered around clearing up karma from past lives. You can actually learn to assess your soul contracts so that you can reassess them while you are here. I personally have cleared any karmic ties holding me here. I only have one contract left that I am working on and it’s a contract with my twin flame to have two kids when we reach the new earth. Well we have renegotiated all of our soul contracts and have decided to wrap ourselves up in contracts infinitely so ensure we can continue to learn in higher dimensions together. You are all so powerful, take control of your own lives, it’s amazing!

10 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated

imageWe see reincarnation in the cycles of nature, day and night, or in the motion of the planets. A perfect example of reincarnation is a plant grows, dies, and release seeds, thus it is reborn. Reincarnation is the rebirth of energy. Reincarnation is something intuitive, something that resonates deeply with us. Our lives are about change, growth, and transformation. We are here to evolve. I have lived hundreds of thousands of lives, and the one I am on now is the hardest one.
I am on a twin flame mission. We have spent many lives together, but this one we are here on a mission to help humanity with Ascension. Some of us have feelings, memories, and sensations that point to the legitimacy of such an experience. I have accessed many past life memories, many of them involving the same people I am in this life with. We picked our entire life before we incarnated here. We incarnate with the same members of our soul families every time. We have contracts that obligate us to the things we agreed to come here and do. Pets reincarnate too, it is very common for someone to be around the same pet in many lives. Many religions support reincarnation. Jesus taught reincarnation and he was teaching his disciples Ascension.

  1. Dreams- Dreams, especially recurring dreams, are a reflection of your unconscious mind. Repetitive dreams can signify trauma, fear, or issues your brain is processing. Dreams can also be a way your dealing with karma, if you are lucky. Dreams can also be a reflection of a past life experience.

  2. Out-Of-Place Memories- A lot of young children can remember their last life. When I was a child I had memories from my last life. I had a memory of me being on a train as an adult woman. There is mounting evidence that out-of-place memories could reveal connections to past lives.

  3. Strong Intuition- Intuition is the ability to balance the conscious and unconscious mind. It is tapping into wisdom and innate knowledge. The more we soulfully mature the closer we are to returning to Source from where we come from. Oneness, or the collective unconscious.

  4. Deja Vu- Everyone knows what Deja’s Vu is, we have all experienced that bizarre feeling. It’s a feeling that we have lived other lives, we just don’t remember. People claim Deja’s Vu effects the possibility of other dimensions, or parallel universes, while others claim it reveals past lives.

  5. Your An Empath- Empaths absorb the emotions and physical pain wound them. It’s literally an empathize, or directly felling, and experiencing what others experience. This is a sign that a soul has gone through many previous incarnations. This is a sign that you have refined to the point of transcending yourself and your problems.

  6. Precognition- This is an ability to obtain information about future events. Precognition can be visions, physical sensations, feelings, or dreams. Precognition is a very real experience and indicates maturation of soulful energy.

  7. Retrocognition- The ability to obtain information about your past lives. I have both of these abilities and I assure you they are very real. These past events can be about your own life or about someone else’s. This is a sign of soulful reincarnation.

  8. Your Age Feels Older Then Your Age Reflects- Some people are born with old souls, a good example of this would be these crystal children, who are here to teach their parents and build the new world. There is a Cretan progressing of soulful development, this goes from infant souls to awakened souls. If your soul has reincarnated many times this is reflected in the age of your energy.

  9. Fears Or Phobias- Many fears stem from past live traumas. Birthmarks can be a sign of how you died in a past life. Examples can include fear of drowning, fear of certain animals, or fear of certain places.

  10. You Feel Like Earth Is Not Your Home- You yearn to find your true home, this is a reflection of a desire to return back to Source. Many people yearn for oneness, consciousness, or divinity. Souls that incarnate all the time may have a strong desire to finally complete the cycle and then to return home.