Each Thought Is A Fractal


each thought is a fractal

Within you exists the void of all creation.  Each thought you have omits a vibration. These are sound frequencies that then shape light into the physical.  The vibrations form geometric patterns.  These patterns create the world as we know it, at the subatomic level.  When your thoughts are not being observed they revert into a pure potential state.  This is why they want to keep us always thinking, this shuts down our creative potential.  To understand your thoughts you have to have a understanding of the Universe.  Your thoughts are a vibrations that then creates fractals.  These are basic patterns that repeat on every level.  Your inner and outer worlds are pattern based.  Geometry is the purest expression of mathematics, but it is our real language.  It communicates with both sides of our brain.  Energy is pure infinite potential. It’s a balance that can never be contained.  It’s beyond space and time.  This energy creates a Cosmic symphony.  All of creation is made up of codes spirals, golden proportions, fractals and holographic interference pattern.  Your thoughts alone are shaping this entire reality, one thought at a time.  Change your thoughts, change your world.  Only think about what you want to see.  Every persons thought has to materialize somewhere, hence the disorganization at this time.  We came here to learn how to create, and all of creation is done in that void of our minds.  That’s the space where all of creation comes from.

Call For Unity


call for unity

Focused intent is powerful so I’m learning how to use mine, and how to be more clear with what I want.  I’m learning the power of unity, through aligning my movements.  We are putting out a call for unity now to assist in the relocation in several of our missions to the United Kingdom.  We have found in the past the power in merging movements into One.  This time we seek to do it on much bigger levels.  Just in reading this and even putting your focus here for a minute your assisting more then you know.  We seek assistance on energetic levels, aligned visions for the future of humanity.  We have such a knowing that we can easily do even the most impossible of missions, when so Universally aligned.  Dispute that, we are putting out powerful calls for assistance to all of those of service.  We are hoping to use this mission to reach through to our consciousness group on new levels.  We hope to use our experiences to teach many how to, actually, shift timelines as well as to facilitate higher vibrational energetic exchanges in our spiritual communities.  While there are those that seek to infect these grids, we serve to heal those same systems.

Dream Creations

 Dream CreationsSet aside what you believe to be possible right now.  You brought with you a certain greatness.  You have not come empty handed.  This energy is being used whether you are directing it or not.  

Now is time to replace any fears you may have with dream creations.  It’s important that you begin to align with those around you through service.  Only through contracting to serve humanity will you elevate to the levels you are seeking. Use your free will wisely, your solidifying your future in the Now always.  Align with a love that is of service.  Stop trying to label these energies and just align to serve.  




Use This Energy To Manifest

Stay positive with your thoughts right now and focus on manifesting. Right now we are in a space storm, we have lunar and solar energy, as well as radiation hitting us. Hydrate and use this energy to get things done in your life. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Be clear with the Universe and your intent. Make a list or a vision board. The first step to manifesting is to be grateful with what you have. Only through gratitude will things multiply. If you focus on lack you will continue to live in lack. In my world the Universe is always in alignment with me and working extra hard to bring me everything I want, or think to create. Stay high vibe. In controlling your vibration you do change the world, your world.

Manifesting 101

Be very clear with your intent. It’s a great idea to write down what you want too, so your very clear with your intent. The Universe needs specifics, a lot of the time we are just thinking jumbled thoughts all day long, so be clear, make a list. Manifesting only works on a love vibe or with a love intent. So always base all of your desires out of love. Moon energies amplify manifesting. So basically whether your aware of it or not your thoughts are creating the reality you see right now. Use this time to think positive things about what you really want. When you are manifesting don’t let money block you. Manifest as if money wasn’t an object, because it isn’t. Always think positive things so you draw positive things to you. It’s just something you have to keep practicing with, like anything else. My advice is to start with small objects, because the less expensive or smaller an object is the easier it is to manifest. We are living in a manifest reality. We have the same abilities here with manifesting as we do in the dream world. This whole process goes a lot smoother if all your chakras are open and unblocked.


This energy is extremely high for manifesting, so use it for your advantage. Start writing down your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Because of the Pisces element, we are in, its ideal to manifest the feelings you want rather then physical or material things. There is great power in manifesting feelings or a different state of being. Instead of trying to manifest your dream job, try to manifest a higher vibration and you will attract your dream job easier. Focus your energy and stay open to the Universe and more opportunities will manifest. Surrender to the flow. You are always being directed to your highest path. Remember there are no limits or rules as to what you can or cannot manifest. Don’t be afraid to dream big right now. Pisces energy is all about inner reflection, intuition, and higher consciousness.

Full Moon January 12th

We are getting ready for a full moon January 12th. The moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun, and it will be fully illuminated. This full moon was known be early Native American tribes as the “Full Wolf Moon.” This was the time of year when hungry wolf packs howled near their camps. Some other names for this moon are “Old Moon” and the “Moon After Yule.” January 12th will be when Venus is at its greatest eastern elongation. This means it will be the best time to view Venus. This moon will be ideal for helping manifest real love, as in Divine love. These planetary events are ideal for twin flame reunions, it’s an amazing way to start the year! Remember the next full moon we will have, after this one, will be a full blood moon in February.

6 Spiritual Truths, Backed Up By Science…

imageAs a society we are often torn between religion and science. I am spiritual, my truth is bigger then any man made religion. In spirituality I have found something that resonates as true to me. In spirituality I embrace science.
1. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Since birth we are taught the opposite, that we are
Omitted human beings. This just isn’t true, we are infinite. We all have a human body at the moment, but that isn’t who we are. We are conscious energy that manifests in the physical form. Life is not what it seems. There are many things that we have yet to understand that are locked in our consciousness and in our DNA. We can all learn to sharpen our intuition.

  1. As I stated above, our souls never die, we just change forms. Energy cannot ever be created or destroyed, it only changes forms. Energy can never die. We reincarnate and have all lived hundreds of thousands of lives. We have all died so many times. We keep living the same lives and scenarios over and over until we change. This is why some people come back from the dead with knowledge. I am a good example of that, dying affected me greatLy in my life.

  2. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. If you want to know the secrets of the universe think of it in terms of vibrations, frequency, and energy. There is so much around us, energy we can’t see with our limited senses. Everything has a vibration, so do you. Raise your vibration, and it will change your life.

  3. Our thoughts and words create our reality around us. Whatever you think is going to happen, you create your reality. This has a lot to do with the law of attraction. Anything you physically see you created with your thoughts and beliefs, usually very subconsciously. You have to learn to control your thoughts. Especially if you want to advance to using telepathy like the rest of 5D.

  4. Time is an illusion. You can assess your past and your future because all has already happened and played out somewhere in the Universe. There is no separation between the past and the future, there is rather a single existence. Now is really all there is, and all that matters.

  5. Ascension does now involve going anywhere. Our Universe, our planet is like an onion, the densities are stacked in the same place. The veil is thinning between dimensions right now. Ascension isn’t about being rescued by E.T.s or flying up to heaven, it’s about shifting your consciousness, and living in love.


Law of Abundance

I would like to talk to you about the Law of Abundanc, manifesting, and how to make your reality what you want it to be.  Right now I am rich in love.  I live in love, and love is currency to me.  Ofton when you hear about the law of abundance, it refers to money, or material goods.  It does include financial prosperity, but it is not limited to that. Abundance refers to the state of being consciously connected to Source Energy.  You do this by striving toward enlightenment.  I am getting more and more connected daily, yet I am still learning how to Manafesting what I want.  I look at abundance as having everything I need, but sometimes humans want more then basic things.  When I am Manafesting I have learned the difference between things I want and the things I need.

There are universal laws that govern all of us.  We all agreed to come to earth and we picked all of the experiences we go through.  We just forget, because of the veil.   We all can have the ability to assess abundance.  This is something that was given to all of us by Source, no matter what me is excluded.  Free will is a touchy thing, it is the only thing in life we are garenteed.  Sometimes that gets in the way, that is if we don’t understand these universal laws.  What we choose to experience in anything  depends on how we are aligned with it, especially regarding abundance and Manafesting.  If you want something you have to align yourself with it.  I just did a reading for a woman who is being pulled to move to New Zealand.  I told her to live, breath, and sleep New Zealand then.  She will find a way to go there, her soul is pulling her there.  Things really can be so easy, if we let them be.

we live in a sophisticated hologram.  I think of it as an elaborate video game, or computer program.  Everything is made of energy, this includes people and objects.  We all vibrate at a certain frequency.  There are many things that affect our vibration.  Junk food, alcohol, toxic relationships, negative thoughts, environmental toxins, toxic products, excess red meat, white sugar, medications, radiation, yelling, arguing, holding on to the past, and anger all lower your vibration.  our emotions determine our vibration, and hav a lot to do with how we vibrate.  If  you shift to love your vibration will raise and  expand.

The Law of Abundance is a Universal law, within a set of Universal laws. It basically states there is an unlimited Source of everything we need or could ever want.  We live in abundance, our resources are controlled right now, but we have everything we could ever need or want.  We are sour ounces by money, all the time.  Everything has a monatary value in 3D.  Abundance is infinante just like you are. You have an infinante capacity to create anything you want or desire.

Everyone is Divine.  in this Universe there is only one Source, so all is Divine.  I have seen this firsthand astrotraveling, all is Divine.  It is just hard for us to grasp with our limited human capacity.

We live in an infinite sea of love, and you are a drop in that sea.  The Law of Abundance says the Divine is everywhere and there is no place where it is not.  It is equally available to all aspects of itself. This definitely includes everyone, you too!  The best way to Manafesting what you want is to practice.  I have been practicing as well.  I am working on Manafesting a couch to make a downstairs family room.  Sounds silly, but trust me I make something out of nothing all the time.  The best way to Manafesting what you want is to make sure you have a steady flow of that divine energy flowing through you.  Get connected directly to that Source energy.  We are in a dream, and it’s time for you to Wake Up!