Manifesting 2020…

This time in between the Eclipse Gateways has become a realm of dreams.  You can feel the vibe as the collective is seeding their intentions for 2020.  This is a space to manifest the new.  2020 is a time to master manifesting, and all of creation begins in the mind.  We are adjusting to a lot new energies and higher frequencies.  These new energies require us to take better care of the body.  These energies are requiring us to get lighter and lighter energetically.  We will have a lot to integrate in the next few months.  This can be putting us to much into the mind.  It’s time to slow down.  It’s time to rethink or make new plans.  Look at 2020 as a  space where you could dream up new things to do or experience.  Your being asked to not only get creative, but to find your bliss.  2020 will be about us turning the light up.  This is about your internal state and how you feel with yourself.  For 2020 I’ll be putting a lot of my focus on more self love, just putting more energy inward.  I’ve found this is how we can really shine and the best way to assist the collective.  Time to get out a manifesting list for the New Year!

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