On The Energies…

Today Mercury is Conjuncts Venus.  Mercury is all about the mind and how we communicate and Venus love and money.  Remember Mercury is still Retrograde as it meets up with Venus in Aries.  This means we still have a focus on healing and letting go of the past until it shifts direct the 25th.  As it synchs up with Venus this makes the energies all about clearing and healing from past relationships.  It’s all about healing relationship wounds and releasing love blocks.  This retrograde has, and is bringing a lot up.  Our Sun shifts into Taurus today.  We are shifting into Taurus Season.  This will bring a very healing energy that will heal and uplift your love life and finances.  A CME just hit Earth’s magnetic field a few hours ago.  The impact opened a crack in our planet’s magnetic field, which has set the stage for a possible geomagnetic storms.  We have a G1-class storm brewing now.  This Taurus Season is all about tapping into your gifts of manifestation.  Taurus is home to the Pleiades, and brings a lot of Pleiadian energies.  The next few days will be bringing some big energies as we prepare for our Scorpio Pink Moon that comes at us the 23rd.  That means you may be feeling or picking up on extra emotions over the next week.  You’ll want to be doing extra energy clearings and cleansing right now.  Taurus is all about your physical body and how you’re taking care of yourself.  Taurus has extremely high standards.  It’s a sign all about beauty and the senses.  The energies will slow down so that we can prioritize more rest and self care.  Don’t let that fool you as Taurus is one of the strongest zodiac signs.  These energies are all about working hard for what you want.  While this sign prioritizes pleasure these energies are all about the projects you’re working on and seeing them through to completion.  Think power moves.

art: @raw_beauty_content
photography: @cottonbro