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On The Energies…

It’s a New Week and we are stepping into some Brand New Cosmic Energies.  The Blue Moon energies are still affecting us and we are still in a Retrograde Season.  Chiron is still Retrograde until December.  Virgo Season is really activating this placement and is encouraging you to clear the things blocking your path or blocking your manifesting.  It’s time to ditch the limiting beliefs and to detox.  Virgo Season is all about clearing any internal blocks and purifying.  It’s going to be the theme over the next month.  We can expect some sacred geometry in the sky tomorrow night.  We have a lot of Galactic Energies coming through and a lot of Lyran Energies.  The Lyra constellation is shaped like a parallelogram.  It forms the shape of a harp.  Each corner is made up of double stars.  It has a tail facing its brightest star Vega.  Vega is the North Star of the past and the future.  These energies are activating your Galactic DNA meant to awaken you to your Galactic past.  Our future is also looking very Galactic as we continue to adjust to the increase in Ascension Energies coming into the Planet.  The Sun is very active right now to.  We have another Solar Storm going on.  We have two, possible, CME’s approaching Earth now.  We can expect these energies to really shake up the Earth’s magnetic field and poles.  We are going to see a huge increase in the energies leading up until to Equinox.  These energies can affect your health and human consciousness.  If your feeling emotional right now, let whatever clear that is coming to the surface.  Doing some type of healing or energy work will help you so much with the process.  If your feeling Ascension Symptoms rest.  Really listen to your body right now.


On The Energies…

Incoming Solar Flares.  Last night we had a Sunspot erupt.  This ultraviolet flash most likely hurled a CME towards Earth.  Expect the Solar Winds to continue over the next few days.  The Space Weather had been going a little crazy the past few days.  Let’s just say there’s lots of incoming energies.  The Schumann Resonance showed lots of electromagnetic activity yesterday.  I think everyone is feeling the energies. How that may feel, may be different for everyone.  These energies are going to continue to amplify anything going on, especially how your feeling.  These surges of energy bring powerful Shifts and a lot of Upgrades.  That’s why it’s so important to be feeling good as we pass through these Storms.  If you are are feeling Ascension Symptoms, you have more clearing work to do.  These energies are amazing if you lean into them a little to get things done.  We can really learn how to ride these waves.  This is an amazing time to get creative.  Taurus Season may be already showing you the ways you have not been taking care of yourself good.  It’s so important that we are focused on our own soul growth.  While we are going to continue to see an increase in energies, Taurus Season is going to feel much more chilled out then the past month.  We have a Self Care theme.  We are doing some deep DNA healing over the next few weeks.  Your body may feel that it’s going through a lot of work right now.  Taurus also rules the throat and is bringing some extra activations to these areas.  Taurus Season is great for gardening projects, making delicious food, shopping, working on love, vibing to music, and healing with your hands.  This is a time for connecting with the Earth, the Goddess, and Earth Magic.  Rose Quartz is also an amazing Crystal to use or carry in these energies.  It’s always amazing for Love, and Venus Energies.

art: @ramonlaasc

On The Energies…

We are still in a stream of Solar Winds.  We will be within this energy stream the rest of today too.  The Earth’s magnetic field has been very unsettled the past few days.  Today the Sun, and Mercury Shift into Taurus.  Let’s just say things are moving around.  This Shift is going to bring a lot of Pleiadian Energies with it.  The Pleiades are a star group within the Taurus constellation.  This Taurus Season is very much a Portal to the Pleiades.  It’s bringing some New Energies with it.  Taurus is an amazing gateway between the Earth and the Stars.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love.  Venus returned home to Taurus last week as well.    This will bring good fortune.  It’s a good time to Shift the focus to matters of home and Love.  We also have a focus on the physical and money.  Taurus is one of the most powerful signs for manifesting.  Its all about what makes you feel good.  Taurus rules the senses.  Expect your psychic senses to be on fire right now.  This energy is amazing for better connecting you with your intuition.  You may be feeling extra telepathic right now.  This time of year the Pleiadian Energies really start to come in very strong.  The end of Taurus Season always brings a powerful Pleiadian Alignment.  On May 15th the Earth and Sun will be in perfect alignment with the Pleiades.  We can expect some powerful Galactic Activations leading up to that alignment.  Next week we have a Scorpio Full Moon and we Shift into Pluto Retrograde.  Both will help us with our personal transformation.  They will bring some powerful energies together.  Next weeks Scorpio Full Moon is also a Pink Moon.  Pink Moons are a really good sign and are a sign of Rebirth and Renewal.  The next Full Moon will prepare us for the upcoming Eclipse Season.

art: @kokeeneva