Who Is God?

Someone just asked me to describe the concept of God. As you see many religions have tried to describe this concept, in fact entire religious books have been written trying to express the meaning of God. What you are seeking is a Source energy. The entire Universe is made up of this energy. It makes up everyone and everything. It is intelligent infinity.
Maybe we should go back to how people were actually made. This planet was seeded by extraterrestrials, they made people, and are our Guardians. That is why I dislike the word God, because it reminds me of Egypt. In Egypt they came to teach the people, but to their dismay these people worshipped them as Gods. This altered our entire history. This is why I prefer words such as the Creator, Elohim, or The Divine. If your looking outside of yourself for God, you won’t find it. It’s a Source energy you seek and it’s within you and within everyone. So if you want to find God you can be nicer to people, because everyone else is God. This Source energy is going to be a love energy. So where there is hate there is very little of it, and where there is love there is infinite amounts of it.

We Live In A Hologram

I like to think of our reality as a dream, or an illusion. We live in a virtual reality experience, some refer to it as the matrix. It is actually a hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image confined in two dimensions. Our matrix is something we perceive to be third dimensional, but it is projected from the second dimension. Remember time is an illusion, so is everything else. The Universe is actually a conscious hologram. Reality is a projected illusion that exists within that hologram. We are living in the middle of a virtual experiment. Our entire hologram is made up of grids created by a Source consciousness. Because this is a hologram, which we believe is real, it is only real because our brains tell us that it is real. Consciousness is everything in the virtual hologram, it consists of everything and everyone. Our brains are an electrochemical machine made for streaming live codes for experience and interpretation. Our human experience is a biogenetic experiment where consciousness is made physical. This is done in patterns of sacred geometry, that repeat in cycles of time, that form our reality. We are here to become alchemists of time and consciousness. Wake up to who you are. We must ascend out of these third dimensional operating systems.


I am in the abundant flow of the Universe. The creative energy of abundance is the Source of us all. I live in a world of infinite possibilities. I refuse to let limited beliefs rule me ever again. I know this entire experience is an illusion, it’s a hologram. When we give our power to the illusion we cut ourselves off from Source. We all knows what happens when we chose to cut ourselves off from consciousness. Go within and connect yourselves back to the Divine flow of the Universe. Release any attachments to the outer or material world. Attachments effect your inner beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. In order to receive we must give in some way. Find a way to be service-to-others. Gratitude is great way to raise your vibration to align with this flow. The more you are grateful for, the more the Universe will give you. The best way to be in the flow is to create something. We are all co-creators!