144 Christ Conscious Ones

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, a time of enlightenment. We are beginning the second half of the precession of the equinoxes, this is a major astrological event that is happening now. The term Ascension is used a lot in western astrology. This is something that happens now, it is the raising of consciousness. There are a lot of lightworkers helping to make this happen. We are working towards a breakthrough into a higher dimensional state. This is multi-faceted as we are raising our individual and collective state through our own conscious efforts, the vibrational frequencies of the planet are being raised through the Gaia’s own efforts. We are being hit by rising vibrations and light coming to Gaia from the galaxy, possibly from a higher dimensional sun, that is invisible to most. Our planet is a self-regulating living system named after the Greek goddess, Gaia. Our planet is spiritual, as well as physical. Gaia is a living, conscious entity that has decided to raise her vibrational frequency. Gaia has her own evolutionary path and the time is right for her to rise, or ascend. This involves Gaia physically transforming, like all of us. This is why you are seeing global warming, climate irregularities, rising frequencies, and earthquakes and volcanoes picking up intensity. We are all purging out toxins and negativity on a planetary level. Gaia is transforming out of her current egg shape and becoming a 12- faceted dodecahedron is Gaia’s Merkaba. The double penta dodecahedron has 144 facets. This is the number for Christ Consciousness. Each dodecahedron has 12 major pentacles with 60 facets, add the 12 truncated pentagons for 72, and double this for 144. Continue reading

Sacred Marriage

Everyone’s soul is pure Divine energy. Your soul is made up of 12 equal flames, these are energy shards, that vibrate at the same frequency. Your soul vibrates at a frequency that is in tune with its blueprint. We all have the choice to raise our vibrational frequency and ascend. As we do raise our vibrational frequency we become more in tune with the cosmos and its pulse. We did not come here alone, we always incarnate with our soul group. This means that as the that your on the same frequency and vibration as your soul group. Your entire soul group vibrates together into higher dimensional states. Your soul group belongs to a cluster of soul groups, these all form an energy pool. We all come from the same Source, as in we are all one. The goal is to complete yourself as a person and to reunite with your twin flame. This is someone with the exact same vibrational frequency. This love, and sexual energy is divine and pure, it is life force energy. This energy is so beautiful, it is meant to be used with immense love and to create. This is the merging together of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine, this is the flame that resides in the Creator himself. Two separate entities come together as one. These flames have a third component that is unseen, this is revered to as the Holy Spirit. These three components form a sacred triad. This is the foundation of all creation. This is Sacred Marriage.

25 Signs You Are Awakening

Signs You Are AwakeningHere we look at 25 signs your are awakening and go through each one a little bit.  This list is not all inclusive by any means, but it’s a great way to see if you are on the right track to being spiritually awake.

  1. You move into a better job, one that represents your core self better. Your passion and your mission are basically the same.

  2. You will experience greater financial abundance.

  3. Your dreams should come true and easily.

  4. You will attract a new partner, or your current partner have a relationship based only on companionship. There should be no control issues. This should be someone you want to grow and evolve with, someone you love, and adore.

  5. When you evolve to a certain point you will be reunited with your twin flame. This is someone that is a total reflection of you. This is you, so being together is complete oneness. This will bring you to a unity with Source, like you have never experienced before.

  6. You will loose interest in almost everything in your life. You will evolve out of the Third Dimension, which is drama and emotions.

  7. You will loose interest in new age and religious stuff.

  8. You know anything you need will be provided for you, and always will be.

  9. You will stop trying to control things, you no longer feel a need to aka things happen. You realize there is a Divine plan out of grasp for your human mind.

  10. You stop thinking and rely only on feelings and knowing.

  11. You no longer will care about what anyone else thinks about you.

  12. You understand there is no duality, or polarity, no right and wrong, good or bad. Everything is Divine.

  13. You will realize that there is no dark and light, all dark is is a lack of light. All energy is always going to support light.

  14. You will loose your desire to read books, or research. You are now wired directly to Source, so you gather information directly by feeling and knowing.

  15. Your health is improving, you will experience miracles with your body, your DNA is changing.

  16. You will return to a simple way of doing things. You will desire a simple lifestyle.

  17. You Will start to slow down. You will start to experience life at a slower, more zenned out way. The entire Universe will just line things up for you now.

  18. You will purify everything in your life. You won’t tolerate mundane responsibilities. Your ego has died and only your Divine essence remains.

  19. You will be able to easily pick up on others thoughts, desires, and feelings. You are an empath and your becoming telepathic.

  20. You will be able to control your emotions easily. Your mind creates your reality, so you realize fear cannot exist in your mind without it existing in your world.

  21. Everything around you has little effect on you. You stop taking things personal, and you stop getting upset.

  22. You will crave creativity. You will be most in alignment with Source when you are following your passion for creating.

  23. You laugh more, Source wants to laugh and play with his creations.

  24. You will love more and have more compassion. You will experience higher states and higher frequencies of love and joy.

  25. You live in the now, or the moment. You realize now is all there is, all your stress will melt away when you can achieve living in the now.