I would like to talk about opening your spirit channels. The spiritual world is vast. It is made up of The Divine, saints, Buddhas, Tao, ascended masters, angels, your relatives, and countless other souls. Your soul resides in your body, while simultaneously living in the other realm.

I am a channel for information, truth, and healing. If you heal the soul the mind and body will follow. To open your spiritual channels is to open your connection to the soul world. When you are an open channel you are living as your higher self. Your soul has great knowledge. I have lived hundreds of thousands of lives, yet I was limited to only remembering what I had learned in this life. Your soul has so much love for you, because your physical journey greatly affects your souls journey.

I now am an open channel. I channel my higher self, my mother, my twin flames father, and the divine. I have assess to the Akashic Records, I can download anything I want to know off of people. I can discern what is truth and what is not. I am learning telepathy at the moment, and I find it fascinating that these crystal children still remember and speak that way.

Your soul language carries your souls frequency, vibration, and power. The heart chakra is the key for soul language and other soul communication channels. When you open your heart chakra you open the gate to the soul world. Direct flow is where you just let the information flow out, much like this writing.

The third eye is an energy center and channel that receives information and messages from the spirit world. It is a cherry sized energy center by the pineal gland in the brain. To receive images to and from the spirit world is a blessing. You may see saints, Buddhas, angels, etc. My twin flame had an experience where he saw Jesus meditating. The key to opening the third eye is to have powerful kundalini energy. To awaken this energy is to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Direct knowing is the highest form of soul communication. Direct knowing is the strongest type of channel, this is what I use for everything, it’s like you just are given any information you want, I have direct assess to it. This is the highest form of communication. I work on myself daily and I am becoming more and more times in. Those that have ascended and are stating here to build the new earth have been wired to the new grid. Those that have used their free will and decided to stay and learn, will do so. They are not wired to the new earth.

Developing your intuition and soul communication will help you transform and enlighten your soul, mind, body, and all aspects of your life.



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