imageI keep seeing a reoccurring theme right now with people, everything is picking up pace and many of you are in the middle of a storm. These storms are evolving everyone rapidly. It can seem like everything is going wrong, especially if you are on the wrong path. I’ve seen one friend surrounded by death, another totaled his car. They are having it worse because the universe has clearly been trying to tell them something and they haven’t been listening. To be off your soul path or to ignore your life path can be detrimental.

What about those that are doing everything right though? I see it with everyone, it can seem like everything is falling apart, it is.. Let it! Anything that doesn’t serve you is falling away. If you watch the news you will see earth, wind, and fire is destroying the old world, or 3 dimension. All that doesn’t serve us is falling away. Lightworkers are coming together to build the new earth. These storms are never-ending, they are bringing everything not of light to the surface, so it can be cleared and released. Have faith and embrace this.