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I would like to write about twin flames a little, as I see the term thrown around loosely. I saw a post yesterday on Facebook from someone who had a paid advertisement. They had a photo that said they were soul mates/twin flames and they were using it to sell a manifesting program. My concern was that they were soul mates and not twin flames. There is a big difference.

Soulmates are more common then you think, the average person has met around 20 soulmates in a lifetime. Meeting your twin flame or soulmate is similar, it’s like two magnets, you will know when you see the others eyes. Soulmate relationships are much easier, most contract to marry or have children with their soulmate.

Twin flames rarely incarnate together on earth, and when they do they rarely do so to marry and have children, usually it is to complete an important mission. Less then 5% of people even have a twin flame incarnate with them. Usually your twin is on the other side helping you balance your energy and complete your life here. You have so much help and yet a lot of people are just learning how to access it. Everyone has two guardian angels as well as a guide helping them.

When someone tries to find their twin flame they can manifest a false twin. It is easy to tell because a real twin flame is you in a different body, you both share a soul. Your twin will have the uttermost concern for your energetic health. Remember a lot of you are guardians, guardian of what you love.

Now this mission, is to help raise the consciousness of humanity so we all can ascend from 3 dimension to 5 dimension. I always compare it to Jesus and Mary. They were twin flames and because of their sacred marriage, and Mary’s divine love Jesus completed his last life and ascended. After he ascended Mary stayed on earth and continued his work. This is why it upsets me to see this term thrown around loosely.

Soulmates are part of your soul family, you incarnate with the same group of people everytime you come here. You will see them and recognize that they share a same piece of soul as you do. A twin flame is the other half of your soul. You have spent many lives with your twin. The reason we don’t spend every life together is because that would distract us from learning. We come together with our twin our last lives on earth so that we can ascend. There are more twin flames on earth now then ever before because of this big shift. Divine love lifts the entire planets vibration. Many of these twins are illuminated, as in they used to live with Source, or God.

Twin flame relationships are not as common as one is led to believe. My twin flame relationship has been nothing but hard work, I assure you that a soulmate relationship is relaxing compared to this. Your twin flame will act as a mirror, so you will see clearly everything you like and don’t like about yourself. These things come up until they are cleared. It takes a lot of work everyday, everyday I try hard to change and to work on myself.

Soul Mates And Twin Flame


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